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Monday, September 10, 2012

34 weeks: a picture and an update

How far along?
34 Weeks

Weight gain/loss?
+12 - I blame the 5 pumpkin spice lattes I have had in a week!  ;o)  Ooops!
Maternity clothes?
Yes, and some of my pants just aren't that comfy anymore.

Nothing new.

Still having trouble sleeping.  Going to sleep and staying asleep. 

Best moment this week?
My parents are amazing!  On Saturday they took Jude for 5 hours so that Jeremy and I could get some deep cleaning done on the house.  It was great!!  The nursery is coming together!!

Saturday night it became REAL - after a long day of cleaning and organizing my body let me know I had done too much.  I was having some contractions and my back was killing me!  Not going to lie...totally thought we were heading to the hospital.  YIKES!  Scary.    

Yes!  Lets hope she has flipped too~~

Food cravings?
Pizza and Pumpkin Spice Lattes 


Labor signs?
Braxton Hicks every day but also some contractions on Saturday evening.  Stay put little lady!!

Belly button in or out?
in but getting kind of shallow.

What I miss?
Sleep!  And being able to help around the house and with Jude.  I feel bad for Jeremy and I feel damn lazy! 

What I am looking forward to?
This weekend!  We are going to see Thomas The Train!

Weekly wisdom?
Sure cleaning and organizing is great but take it easy!!  lol

6 weeks left!  Woohoo!! 

September 18th – 36 week appointment
September 25th - follow up growth u/s with high risk doc


  1. Enjoy the feeling lazy! After she comes out you will start to feel back to normal and go crazy getting things done because you felt so lazy before hand. Just enjoy the rest! You will need it!

  2. You look awesome. I can't believe you are almost there. Just relax!!!

  3. Wish I would have done something like this. We are currently at 34 week as of this passed Friday. Thanks for sharing. :)


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