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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wordless{ful} Wednesday: THE NAME

Yes, finally I am releasing Baby Girl 2.0's name.  
Are you ready for this?  

Teagan Evelyn 

We cannot wait to meet our little "Teagie" as Jude has so sweetly nicknamed already!  
Makes my heart melt hearing him say her name!  

Teagan is a name that I heard while in Starbucks when I was pregnant with Jude and I loved it!  Evelyn is Jeremy's Grandmother's name and we are so happy to keep family in the middle name of this child just like Jude!

For the record I will be calling the baby - baby girl - still, I have weird issues with calling an inside baby by their name.  I don't know why...


  1. LOVE IT! I considered that name at one point too.

  2. Goes so well with Jude! Love it! Congrats and loving the new blog design!

  3. LOVE the name! And I love that her middle name is a family name. :)

  4. Love it! And you know I love the name Evelyn! :)

  5. LOVE IT! So adorable :)

    And him giving her a nick name makes my heart explode!

  6. Maybe because you know so crazy person who called her baby Tessa for several months and then ended up with a Rex? I love the name! I think Teagie is perfect!


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