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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Day Out with Thomas

Jude is all boy, which means he LOVES all things Train related.  Enter Thomas the Train - one of Jude's very favorite characters. 

We found out that the Colorado Railroad Museum was hosting a Day Out with Thomas and we knew we had to purchase tickets.  This was a special treat for Jude that served as one of his birthday gifts from us. 

We told Jude on Saturday night that when he wakes up tomorrow (Sunday) that we would be going on a trip to visit Thomas the Train so when he woke up on Sunday morning he was ready to go!  NOW?!?! was the question we heard all morning.  So cute. 

The museum is in Golden Colorado so it was a beautiful drive and once we got there we saw the crowds!  Wow, talk about a TON of people all wanting to see one train!  lol  Thankfully even with the mass amounts of people it wasn't completely overwhelming or packed. 

I know we will be doing this again next year, Jude had an amazing time.  And to be honest, that Thomas the Train looked so cool!! 

Jude with Thomas!  (yes we OVERPAID for this picture but I don't care because it was adorable!)

Us on the train that Thomas was pulling.  He is such a strong engine! 

Jude with his buddy Jake, we were waiting for everyone to board. 

Sir Topham Hatt came for a visit too.  Jude wasn't too sure about this guy!  lol

So excited to be climbing and exploring the trains!

If you have a chance to attend a Day Out With Thomas make sure you do it.  It was so much fun for us all. 



  1. Thomas is lovely cartoon! I also like this, despite the fact I'm 22 :) Greetings from Poland.

  2. How cute is he! We are going for the first time next week! I hope Z likes it as much as J!

    1. Oh Z will have a blast! I know it!! Even I was pretty amazed when I saw Thomas! lol Its pretty cool!

  3. Evie loves trains too! We have on that comes through the center of our very small town and she always says WOAH! If this ever makes it to Memphis we might have to check it out! :)

    Just looks so cute by the way! I still just love his hair!

  4. That's awesome! Our Day with Thomas was back in May and it SNOWED! It was awful, but we'll be going again next year!

    1. Oh no!! Snow in May...typical in Colorado too!

  5. My friend did this with her little girl when it came through Columbus. So fun! Jamie would love it, he's all about choo-choos! I will have to see if it's coming through KC. Though if it was in Ohio....and now CO...I'm guessing we may have missed in KC!

    PS Sorry for flooding your inbox with comments. Playing catch up this morning!~


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