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Friday, September 14, 2012

Chores For Toddlers?

Jude is 2 years old and I have been trying to think of some "Jude Jobs" for him to do.  

Nothing that is hard or EXPECTED but just some things that he can own and learn that he can do on his own.  

When did you start chores/duties/jobs with your children?  

Any ideas for something "easy" for Jude to own?  

So far what we have done with him is picking up his toys at night and putting his dirty clothes in his hamper.  He loves doing the hamper thing!  

Also on our list of things to begin is a sticker chart.  Jude adores stickers so I am hoping this works!  

My good friend Shannon created a sticker chart that I love - just for Jude!  So creative!  Thank you lovie!  

Do you like it?  If so and you want your own please email Shannon and she will hook you up for free!  Just for my readers!  Aren't you special!?!  :O)  Thank you Shannon! 

I am going to really focus on Listening Ears and Being Gentle - these are the areas that are really hard for Jude right now!  Remember my Oh Toddlerhood post?  Um yeah!  

So that is my plan right now.  I would love some input and suggestions and I will keep you all updated on our progress!  

Let's do this Jude!!  



  1. We started really young with Rex helping with everything he could and wanted to. Of course cleaning up toys and clothes away is a must in our house (he's starting to not enjoy so much). He also helps with doing the dishes (he matches the silverware in the drawer), cooking (he helps make toast and is a great taste tester of veggies), and throwing diapers away or helping get clothes for Pilot or putting his dirty clothes away. It really helps him feel like he's helping take care of Pilot. We don't have sticker chart or reward system yet. We plan to have his regular chores that he does because he lives here too and gets to do fun things so no allowance but then he will have other things that he can do (like things we do) to earn money if he wants to buy something himself. That's what we do in our house.

  2. This is great. You know I did a similar post this week and how I feel about chores! Braden puts away his dirty clothes too, picks up his toys, and feeds the dog. Those are his major "chores" right now. I think it's a great way to start and I'm really trying to teach him to "listen to mommy" and sitting at the table and finishing meals is a big thing in our house too, he's been great at this for months and months...with the odd set-back, of course!

  3. Our chore chart has been going well - we make a big deal out of getting stamps and he totally gets it. Right now, we are focusing on putting books/toys away, and table manners. Hes on his second chart actually and know that he got Fearless Freddie for his first chart.

  4. That is so great. We live on a sticker chart! It has really hit dealing with behavior issues. Thanks for telling us!

  5. Our daughter Grace,2 puts dishes away, sets the table, and puts her dishes in the sink, she also picks up her toys and puts her clothes in the hamper. She also picks up the big peices of food she drops on the floor:)

  6. We have a two year old too. She just turned 2 in July, but has been picking up her toys since she was around 20 months old. She loves to help out anywhere and everywhere. She will put her clothes in her dirty cloths basket, help me put away dishes out of the dishwasher, change the laundry over or load the washer. There are numerous things I know I must be missing, but she is very good at helping. We haven't had to use any kind of reward system for this cause she loves to do it so much. We are going to be starting a homeschool preschool routine soon though. Just need to get my ducks in a row. I will most likely post about it on my blog, Midnight Mommy. Hoping things go great with your new routine! :)


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