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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Halloween Costumes 2012

Yes, I am aware of the date and that Halloween is still about 8 weeks away but people we are under a time crunch this year with a due date of October 20th!  ;O) 

So I was just messing around online, browsing what is available and such and boom found something funny and it turned into THE costumes for Jude and baby girl (who had better be here by October 31st!!). 

I knew that for Jude I wanted something simple and easy to take on and off, just like the dog costume we had last year. 

So without further ado…

Our Meat and Potato! 

Mr. Potato Head for Jude.  He loves playing with his Mr. Potato Head so this will be perfect.  And easy too!  Normal every day clothes underneath the easy "vest like" costume!

Bacon...yes it is funny!  But isn't that what Halloween is all about?!?  ;O)  Jeremy came up with the Meat and Potato idea!  lol  Love it!! 

Now the challenge is finding these costume's in store...if not we will need to order online pretty quickly as we are heading to the Pumpkin Patch on September 25th this year.  Yup early for that too! 


  1. Love it! We haven't even thought about anything yet. Guess I should start to at least consider ideas for the boys.

  2. I LOVE it!! I am so glad he likes to play with the potato head we got him, Ethan still plays with his!!


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