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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Mommy War??

I recently read an article on the Baby Center Blog that really made my mind buzz. 

We have all heard about “Mommy Wars” right?  Probably the biggest most known Mommy War is that of Nursing vs. Formula feeding but surprise there are more Mommy Wars than that! 

First I have to ask – why do we attack each other Mommies?  Why?  We have all been taught that judging is BAD but for some reason us Mother’s take judging to a whole new level at times. 

So what Mommy War am I am talking about today?

Toddler Leashes

Seems harmless right?  Well when I opened that article from Baby Center Blog I was blown away by the comments.  Both sides.  Again…stop attacking each other!  Stop judging.  So please when you read this post keep it nice, keep it clean and just play nice!

My opinion has changed since Jude. I always thought that children on leashes must be completely out of control…not anymore, I just think “Wow Jude is full of energy just like that child!”  I think it is important to remember that every child is different. 

Jude is a runner, he rarely walks, when he wants to get to something he RUNS!  Now, I think this is great because I know that my little boy is active and healthy.  We all know that the obesity in children is rising and that is scary so run Jude run!!  However, my little runner makes it hard to not have him in a stroller or cart anywhere we go and now this little runner has learned to unbuckle himself.  SUPER!!! 

Sometimes I wish Jude would use his ears a little bit better and learn that he needs to stand by us or walk with us but that isn’t the case right now.  People can say, "just hold his hand" but the fact is that is hard sometimes.  Jude is strong physically and mentally, when he wants FREE he will be FREE!  Pretty sure we will be buying a leash soon.  I will be interested to see if he even likes it…I will keep you updated.

With baby 2.0 on the way it is just going to get harder – with Jude out of the stroller he could easily run off and damn he is quick.  This doesn’t make me less of a mother, yes being a mother is a 24/7 job but kids are quick and I would rather have my child safe.  Of course the word Leash makes everyone think of an animal but regardless I think of safety.  I want my child safe and close to me and if he wants to walk next to me I think this will work for us. 

But just like I got bad looks/side eyes for the bottle I was using instead of my boob I am pretty sure that I will get those same looks because of the leash.  Boo!!  Why?!!?   

Maybe with baby girl we won’t have this issue but if we do she will LEASH UP too! 

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Now which one do we choose for Jude?   



  1. People will start a fight over anything, I swear. Personally I like the puppy dog one!

  2. We will be getting Rylee one for our Disney trip and the zoo. I don't plan on needing it for every day uses but I reserve the right to change my mind if things change with baby #2 one day. :) people just need to do what's right for them and or the safety of their kids.

  3. We need a leash too! I am going to call is a backpack restraint because that pisses people off more :) Regardless, I love the monkey one. Also I think the argument is really only relevant when the "leash" is used as a babysitter. It does annoy me when parents leash their children and then play on their cell phones, but for squirmy, strong kids whose parents are actually parenting it is fantastic.

  4. We have this one and love it!

    its a little backpack and its just the right size. We call it his "special jacket" so he will actually wear it :)

  5. I don't know how I feel about leashes anymore either. Sometimes I see a kid in a leash and I think poor kid. Other times I think, I need one for Mackenzie. So I'm not totally against them and like with formula or breast feeding, as long as the parents doing what's best for their family and everyone is healthy and happy, who cares. :)
    Honestly if Mackenzie doesn't learn to stay with us an her stubbornness wins out, a leash maybe in our future.

    1. Not trying to start a war, but "poor kid"? For my own kid, whom we used to use a harness/leash on, I'd rather say "poor kid/poor parents" to have a screaming toddler in a stroller vs. a happy one with the controlled freedom a harness brought.

      Plus, my husband was a harness kid...ours were/are bound to be! ;)

  6. We have an almost 3 year old with another one on the way. We used a leash until she was about 2.5 & she got that she needed to stay with us. I would use it on everyday outings, like the mall & Target, but also at places like the zoo or in the booming city of Munich, Germany. Most of the time she walked herself & I never actually held the monkeys tail. She knew when she wore it she had to stay with us, other times it was still battle of wills & I had to hold the tail to keep her close. I would rather be judged for having my kid in a leash than a dead/lost child OR losing My mind because I couldn't leave the house. I say go for if you are comfortable with it. And don't go for it if you aren't. It's all personal preference & I think that is what parenting is all about. Unless you are abusing your child or starving him,I will never judge & will always support.

  7. I saw that article via Facebook yesterday and the comments ENRAGED me on the "against" side of it. We are why judge us for it like the against side does? I think it bothered me that they didn't even say why, other than "children aren't pets". Seriously?! You take my (at the time when we started using it) 16 month old son who will NOT hold hands, is too young to listen, does not like his stroller, cannot be held (too heavy, seriously!) and see how long you last out in a very public place! I never thought twice about using ours. We LOVE it. Just now at closer to 3 than 2 he is listening well and we trust him without it in most places. BUT, it gave him controlled freedom and he has always preferred to walk/run vs. sit in a stroller anyway. It's a win/win for our family and it keeps him safe!

  8. We use the leash and love it. I once had a stupid guy bark like a dog when we use it on Hayley but guess what she hates the stroller and this is what keeps her safe. I won't leave home without it for Zane!

  9. I am sorry for the fact that mothers are attacking each other on something that will do nothing but keep you sane and your child happy, I think if it works for you USE it! If you do have one of those children that come out listening and always happy to stay close by, then take two kids out and enjoy the harness :) but let's all get along and support each other !

  10. I actually don't stand on either side of any of these. I may be lame, but I just think whatever works for them is fine!!! Each kid is different.


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