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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh Toddlerhood...


It is hard on us all.  

This age (2 years and 3 months) is by far my favorite age so far with Jude but let me tell ya - this kid is a challenge too!  

Jude forgets to listen and use his ears.

Jude forgets to sit quietly in church.

Jude forgets to NOT hit!

Jude forgets to share.

Jude forgets to sit in a cart at Target.

Yes, all of those things drive me crazy but I love this kid.  Whenever he challenges us he comes back with an "I wove you mommy" or a "I need a hug!" which makes that challenge mean nothing. 

Of course we have a lot of teachable moments but what 2 year old doesn't have A LOT to learn!?!  ;o)  

Terrible Twos?  Maybe but I think they are pretty Terrific too!!  

What does your Terrific Two Year Old challenge you with everyday???


  1. I didn't mind age 2 at all!!! =) It was the terrible 3's for us! And he looks so cute!!!

    1. Oi! Well hopefully we do not have Terrible 3s too! lol

  2. Haha- but he is surely the cutest!! 3s are easy!

  3. Braden does all of the above, minus hitting. The odd time when I let him out of the cart when shopping and say "you HAVE to stay with Mommy! If you run, you're back in the cart!" he still will run...and it's becoming increasingly harder for me to chase him being almost 33 weeks pregnant! Also, he fights bedtime routine. Almost.every.night! Gets so distracted and just will NOT let me get his jammies on without a fight. It is slowly getting better though!


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