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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Head of Steel!

You wouldn't know it from looking at his forehead now or even in the picture but that hole in the wall is from Jude's head! 

A few tears and some Motrin and he was back to his normal self in 10 minutes!  Our bedroom wall on the other hand...not so much! 

Such a little BOY! 



  1. Poor kiddo (and wall)
    Guess its bound to happen with a boy. Although I'm waiting for it to happen with my daughter. She's already tryin to climb out if her crib and over the gate.

  2. Poor guy! Pretty funny though! Rex fought with the kitchen tile floor but he lost. Five stitch's in his lip! (Not recently.)

  3. WOW! He's the hulk for sure!!! My guy ended up with the meanest looking egg on his head! I'm impressed!

  4. Looks like he will be great at Karate! And what a big boy to bounce back so quickly!

  5. Poor lad hope it didnt hurt to much, came over to your blog from the hop just trying to find my feet in blog land lol


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