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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{Guest Post} We Got The Funk!

Hi!  I'm Laura a high school teacher, wife and most importantly mommy to a perfect little boy and another on the way!  I own a little piece of the web we like to call We Got The Funk!  It's just our life, trials, tribulations and triumphs!   I write mostly about my family and my hysterical students but I dabble in couponing, scrap booking and some reviews and giveaways here and there!

Censie graciously opened up her blog to me and I am so thankful and honored to have this opportunity!

So what do I have to offer?  Only the best for you ;). I figured that a few funnies from my everyday life as a high school science teacher would be a great laugh!  Some days we are on task and other days they drop all filters ever invented and well, I am sure you will get the idea.

1.  I once had a student that did not speak or understand English very well.  He continues to be one of my most favorite students of all time.  He also very much enjoyed taking long walks to the restroom for way over my 3 minute bathroom allotment.  So when he lost his bathroom privileges this was very tough on him and he tried every excuse to go to the bathroom.  One day my student was talking to a bit of a trouble maker student who told him that if he wanted to go to the bathroom all he had to do was tell me that he had to take a Vajayjay.  So my precious student says, "Mrs. Funk, I have to go to the bathroom, it’s an emergency!"  I replied, " No student" He said, "But I have to take a Vajayjay!"  (Cue the whole entire class and the pregnant teacher laughing so hard I almost peed)  He then says, " A Vajayjay cant wait!"  I finally just had to let him go so I could compose myself and wrangle the class in.  He comes back in actually in the 3-minute timeframe and troublemaker student turns to him and says "Ah man, a vajayjay is a vagina!"  Oh boy my precious student was SO mad...we all just giggled.  He never asked to go to the bathroom the rest of the year!  

2. My precious students were learning about evolution and some evidences for evolution.  One of those is called embryology.  Basically the evidence is on the similar development of vertebrae organisms.  I put a picture similar to this up:

A student very honesty was like "that's cool we go through a fish stage then salamander stage, then turtle then chicken!  I would love to see me with a beak!" I corrected him about the fact that we have similar developmental patterns and that we don't actually go through different animal stages...we all cracked up!

3.  Never and I mean NEVER start a genetics lesson with “Alright were making babies today!”  This could lead to a certain student (who also does not understand English very well) starting to strip down.  Literally the kid thought I was going to teach him how to physically make a baby.  Um no!  Try explaining that to a half naked freshmen boy who really just does not understand enough to get the point.  Between 6 girls and myself we finally got him to put his shirt back on and button his pants, but I was pretty positive a classroom evacuation was eminent if he continued on the path of nakedness to which he was going.

Well my lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this little giggle.  Hop on over to the blog for more funnies, or just to get to know me a bit more.  Oh and GOOD LUCK CENSIE, cant wait to see that beautiful baby girl!

Thank you for guesting Laura!!!


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