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Thursday, November 1, 2012

An update...

Hello there!  I hope you are all still out there!!  

The last couple of weeks have been just plain crazy.  It is hard to believe that Teagan is almost 2 weeks old.  Time goes TOO fast.  Yes, even the second time.  ;)

Between all the mall walking and preparing we lost a pretty special part of our family just 3 days before Teagan decided to meet us.  Jeremy's Papa passed away on the 17th.  It was such a sad time but we know he is no longer suffering. With all of that we had Jeremy's parents staying with us last weekend - as sad as it was it was nice to have them out here to meet and visit Teagan and Jude.  

Tuesday was the service.  Along with all of the Halloween festivities I am just plain spent!  Talk about a mix of emotions.  Jeremy is off for another week with us and we are thrilled!!  Time to relax as a family of four and have some fun!  Oh and sleep!  ;o)  

Now some pictures for your viewing pleasure!  

How long do you think Jeremy stayed awake??

Jude talking to his little sister.  He adores her. 

He really likes all of her toys too!  ;)  

Awake and happy!!  

We are in love and so happy - even with the crazy couple of weeks we have had.  



  1. Sorry for your loss :( glad to see the adjustment to a family of 4 is going well!!!

  2. Sorry for your loss, but it's great to see how well everyone is loving the new addition. Esp. Jude.


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