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Friday, November 9, 2012

Building a Bear for his Sister

Before Teagan decided to arrive we did A LOT of mall walking with Jude in tow.  This means he saw the Build-A-Bear Workshop a lot too.  Every time we would pass by the shop we would have to go in a look at the bears and he made it very clear that he wanted to build "Teagie" a bear.

Adorable and so thoughtful - so we had to go do this with him once she was here.

Jude building 2 very special bears.   

He chose a black bear for himself. 

Helping fill the bear.  He wasn't too sure about this. 

Teagan just chilling.  

Kissing the heart for Teagan's bear.  She gets a brown bear. 

Giving the bears baths.  

Jude chose the Fire Fighter outfit for his bear. Perfect!!

Jude insisted that Teagan's bear wear PINK!  Seriously kid!  ;)  

Jude with "Princess" and "Roar" - yes he picked those names all on his own!

This was a very special treat for Jude and I know that these bears will be special to both Jude and Teagan for a long time.  

Being a Big Brother is hard work - but I think he is doing fantastic!  Especially for a 2 year old!!  



  1. Adorable and thoughtful! What a great big brother :)

  2. SO Cute!! Ethan did not like the filling part either!! He is doing a great job of being a big brother!!

  3. So cute! And what a great idea for a 'big sibling' I'm going to keep this in mind. :o)

  4. He is just the cutest and sweetest brother! What a great idea!

  5. We tried to do this with Braden but he just didn't get it at the time. Maybe we'll do it before Christmas.

  6. Pregnant after 4 days of using this kit its wonderful!!


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