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Monday, November 5, 2012

How is Jude doing?

Being a BIG BROTHER is a big deal but it is also hard on a 2 year old. 

One of the questions we keep getting is...

How is Jude doing?

Thankfully we can answer with a positive "great" thus far.  Yes we realize that it has only been 2 weeks!  But so far he is doing amazingly great!

He has his tantrums but it is hard to decide if that is because of the major changes or that he is a 2 year old!  LOL  

He is a pretty big helper.  He loves helping us feed her a bottle of "Baby Milk" and even helps us put her clothes away or in her hamper.  It is the little things that make my heart happy.  He is growing up right before our eyes but at the same time needs us close and really needs us to be sensitive and lovey.

We are blessed with 2 very happy kiddos and that I know is making all the difference.  

We have taken a number of family outings to make sure Jude is entertained and not feeling left out.  Chuck E. Cheese was a hit!  Jude had a blast and Teagan had a great nap!  ;o)

Family movie night watching Spookly the Square Pumpkin.  He was excited to eat some snacks and sit in his special chair. 

It snowed!  He and Daddy had fun playing in the snow and building a snowman!  

Grrmama and Pa bought Jude a special Big Brother gift!  He chose a far his favorite toy right now!  He runs through the house vacuuming like crazy!!   

Yes...this kid has watched more TV in the last 2 weeks than EVER but at least he LOVES "good" shows on PBS.  Word World is a GREAT toddler distraction!!  

Overall, I feel like Jude has adjusted (so far) to this major change so well.  I know that could change tomorrow but for now...he LOVES Teagie.  That's all we can ask for!


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