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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Organized Chaos {Guest Post} - Meal Planning

Meal Planning for Sanity

Hello there!  I am Heather from over at My Organized Chaos.  I am proud and humbled to be guest hosting for Censie.  I hope you all love reading her blog as much as I do!  Other than reading my fair share of blogs, I am a wife, mom to a (almost) 19 month old baby girl, teacher, friend, and lover of all things organized.  I spend my days teaching high school math, playing with my girl, and loving my husband of just over 11 years.

I am very lucky to have a great partner in raising our daughter and help from family but when is comes to the day to day planning, I tend to get wrapped up in the details.  Summer was a little vacation from everything – I had time to do anything that I wanted.  As the school year approached, I got a little nervous about getting everything done in the evenings.  J’s and my workouts, dinner, clean-up, bath/showers, cooking, organizing for the next day, and school work – it’s a LOT.  I resolved to get meal planning under control. 

I started with finding good recipes.  Pinterest has been a fantastic resource.  I have found a great deal of great recipes and ideas.  I have also been souring the blogs that I currently read.   I am a huge sucker for freezer and crock pot meals. 

Here are my go tos:
Chicken Enchiladas – this is easy and makes several meals for us!
Four Cheese Stuffed Shells – easier than it looks and SOOOOOOO good!
Chilli – I use a recipe from the book 30 Meals in 1 Day
Meatloaf – my MIL’s recipe

While we don’t plan for each day we have a menu of meals that we pick for the week.  We do leave one day open for eating out, picking up, or ordering in.  This was a big step for us.  We had gotten into a bad habit of ordering out 2-3 days a week.  Other than expensive, it was not good for us!  I spend a couple hours each weekend putting together what we need and pop them in the fridge or freezer.  This allows us to pull something out in the morning and I can just stick it in the oven or crock pot, add a veggie, and dinner is served!

What are your go to meals?

Thank you for posting Heather!  Please make sure you visit Heather's blog and leave me comments of what to cook!  I NEED HELP!!  :O)  


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