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Monday, November 12, 2012

On my Own in Pictures

Jeremy had to go back work this week and I was so nervous and of course sad that he had to leave us.  It has been such a great time for the last 2 and a half weeks with our family of 4!  

Well I survived my first 2 days "ALONE".  We had our ups and downs but mostly it went really well and I think we got on some sort of routine!  Progress!  

I believe the biggest accomplishment was that I showered both days AND Teagan took a 2 hour nap in her CRIB both mornings!  YAY!!  

What have we been up too..

We have played a lot in our playroom.
Played some dress up...meet Mrs. Potato-head! 

There has been a lot of this.  She is really great at cuddling.  

Jude and I made cookies!  Yum!!  He really likes helping in the kitchen now.  

I have named this the EPIC MELTDOWN!  

Yes this was an interesting morning.  Tears, screaming, and PUKE!

Its a good thing he is adorable!  

So overall I think we rocked our first 2 days (except for the EPIC MELTDOWN!!).  



  1. Good for you, Censie! We're getting into a nice routine too...as much as a newborn can be in a routine, that is!

  2. yay for showers both days! That's huge when you have one newborn, but I bet it's an even bigger accomplishment when you have a newborn and toddler!

  3. Oh I so know the epic throw downs!!! I am happy that you are getting in a nice routine!! Yah! I am happy you could shower- I never could do that,lol

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