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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Teagan is One Month Old Already!

Our little Cupcake turned ONE month old today.  Unbelievable!  

Teagan is doing so well for a one month old.  Eating, sleeping and growing.  We are still working on the pooping thang.  But we will get it!  ;o)  

One Month Stats (at home):
Weight = 9 pounds
Height = 21.5 inches


She is such a girl...loves to talk and chat with you.  I feel like she is much more awake during the day than Jude ever was.  It is nice being able to visit and see those baby blues so much.  

Jude is doing great too.  In fact, he had to be apart of the monthly chair picture tradition.  I think he misses doing this!  lol  Such a great Big Brother!


Things I Do Not Want to Forget:

Eating:  She is a noisy eater.  Talks and slurps the whole time she is on a bottle.  Even on a bottle she has some trouble getting that perfect latch.  She is on formula only.  Except we are having to give her 3 ounces of pedalite a day in order to help her poop.  She has been introduced to Grape, Strawberry, Fruit Punch and Apple!  Yum!!  lol  Lucky girl.  She eats about 12 ounces of formula a day.  Between 2-3 ounces every 3-4 hours.    

Sleeping:  Naps are not great.  We are not on a good schedule yet.  I am disappointed in this but with all of the family and health issues we are dealing with I really cannot get upset about it.  She is sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed at night and has taken couple naps in her crib in her and Jude's room.  Progress!!  She sleeps about 5 hours at a time.  She has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep but once she is out we get to fall asleep too!!  Again, I cannot complain. 

Pooping:  OUCH!!  Poor baby.  As I said before we have to give her extra water through out the day to help her get those poops out.  Even with the last 10 days of 3 ounces of water a day she is struggling still.  :(  Breaks my heart!

Random:  Still in Newborn size clothes and diapers.  Some of her jeggings are getting tight but everything else is fitting her perfect right now. Likes playing on her play mat at night.  She will play for a good 20 minutes before she lets us know she is DONE!  She loves cuddle naps and so do we!!  

Well we have made it through a whole month with 2 kiddos.  I cannot believe it.  

Happy ONE month Teagan!!


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  1. Aw- Happy 1 month. Zane never was on a nap schedule bc it is hard with two. I can't believe how cute she is!


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