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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Teagan's Newborn Pictures AND a Nickname!!

Once again, our family photographer Sarah from our local Target portrait studios blew us away!  She has always captured Jude's perfect moments and she has started with Teagan now as well!  Love her!!  

Teagan was a lot harder to photograph than Jude was in his early months...yikes!  A little scary that Jude was easier!  LOL  As always we bought a ton of prints and I am still working on getting them up in our home.  

I just have to say...we have one beautiful strawberry blonde daughter who we have nicknamed CUPCAKE!  Her flavor you ask??  Strawberry!  ;o)

Teagan Evelyn 

Newborn Pictures
(5 days old)

We are absolutely in love with her.  



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