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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012 - Photo Dump!!

Our Christmas 2012 started with a great Christmas Eve.  
Well sort of great.  Jude had fever (99) with no other symptoms just super run down.  But other than that we had a great Christmas Eve! Thankfully by Christmas Day he was better!
We got all dressed up and headed to the Candlelight Church Service with my parents and brother and his family.  After church we all went and enjoyed an amazing dinner.  Yum!!  Chow time!!  ;o)

Yeah you can see the fever on Jude...adorable babies all dressed up!!  So cute!

This Christmas season has been so much fun for Jude.  He was so ready for Santa to visit so we made sure we played along and made everything perfect just for him.  He told us that Santa needed cookies, milk and napkins and that the reindeer would need carrots so we did as he said!  He was so excited for Santa to come into his house.

Santa came!!  Stockings filled and hung with care.

Jude's Santa gift was a fish tank and fish!  He was so excited when he walked out.  He loves feeding them.

Teagan in her Santa present.  Her very own Anywhere Chair - just like Jude's!!

Jeremy and I had a great Christmas morning too.  Do you see the snow behind me?  Yup - we had a WHITE Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!  It was really nice and made it feel like Christmas!

Jude really liked his Reindeer "ears" - he wore them most of the day.  Too cute!!

This is what Teagan did while we opened presents - she wasn't impressed I guess! 

Jude as a horse.  My aunt thought this gift was perfect for him and I agree!!  lol  So funny!

Okay - this picture makes me laugh.  Jude's face is priceless and Teagan has had enough of Christmas.  It is hard on a 2 month old!

Hugs for his sister!!  Makes it all better...sort of!

Merry Christmas!!

We hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends.

Bring on 2013!!



  1. So I don't know how you can have 2 kiddos and not have a photo overload when it comes to Christmas time. I think I have 2000 pictures from Christmas thanks to my new camera and the rapid picture taking.

  2. great photos! Lincoln wore those same jammies for Christmas :)

    Looks like you had a great Christmas!

  3. Great pictures and Braden has those jammies too! Beautiful family, Censie!


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