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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Keep Calm...

Teagan is our Cupcake and thankfully even through all of the stress and craziness she keeps us calm.  

Jeremy is in the hospital for an Ulcerative Colitis flair again.  This time we feel like we have reached a point that medication just isn't working which means now once he is out of this flair and back home we will be having a serious and HARD conversation about moving forward with a possible surgery that will change our lives forever.  

Connect with Jeremy here:
Blog - IBD, Daddy and Me
Facebook - IBD, Daddy and Me

All of this on top of my surgery too!  BLAH!!!  Life is hard.  But every day I am thankful for my healthy, happy kiddos.  

Between an adorable Turtle and a sweet Cupcake we are one blessed family.


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