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Friday, December 28, 2012

Prayers for my Hubby - #ulcerativecolitis

For those of you who have been following our story for a while now know that Jeremy, my husband, is severely affected by an Inflammatory Bowel Disease called Ulcerative Colitis.  To be PC - he has ulcers on his colon that give him major "tummy troubles" partnered with pain.

Like I said above, it is severe.  He was diagnosed in July of 2009 and here we are December 2012 - it has progressed and we have been told he is a rare case.  Medications are not working.  Thankfully there is a cure with out medications but that cure is pretty drastic yet a cure.

Jeremy and I have decided that he will follow through with that cure - surgery.  Surgery to remove that useless, painful, diseased, piece of CRAP (yup we use poop humor in our home, we have too!) colon.  The surgery is not scheduled just yet but we are talking in a matter of days probably.  Why you ask?  Well because he is back in the hospital AGAIN.  He was released 3 weeks ago and now he is right back in.  He is back on a TON of IV steroids in hopes to help him feel better but the bottom line is that his body has had enough.  Steroids and medications are not working anymore.  Time to move on. 

Yes, that means that he will have to have a "bag" attached to him.  As a wife you might wonder what I am thinking.

My thoughts right now:

~I am so done with UC.  It can go to hell, I have reached my limit of watching my husband in pain, running to the nearest bathroom, sometimes not making it and worrying about him taking our kids on his own JUST in case he has a bout. 

~I would rather have my husband be alive and present with a "crap" bag attached to him than him on a bunch of CRAZY scary meds that aren't even working with side effects that list: death, cancer, alien hand syndrome, and being paralyzed.

~I am scared, this is a huge surgery and major life change. 

~ I worry he is going to "hate" himself.  And that I will not be able to show him that I love him no matter what.  Cuz you know those vows we took??  Um yeah - I mean them.  ;) 

~I am ready for him to be the man he really wants to be.  An active father and husband who for the last 3 years has been stuck in the damn bathroom for too long. 

I think Jeremy feels most of the same things I am right now.  We are on the same page.  We are ready for a "new" life.  Once this is done...Ulcerative Colitis is DONE!  No more!  How much of a relief will that be??  Amazing.  I cannot wait.  For us all. 

Please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers as the next couple of months are going to be hard and a huge challenge. 

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