Building Our Story: June 2012

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thurston T. Turtle and the Legend of the Lemonade Review and Giveaway

Last year I was so excited to introduce you to a great children’s author named Micki Bare and was honored to review her first book, Thurston T. Turtle Moves to Hubbleville which happens to be all about a TURTLE!!  Micki brought Thurston to life and showed us a special world of animal characters with the most cleaver names. 

Well here we are again, Micki is on a publishing roll (how amazing  for her!!) and has yet a second children’s book all about Thurston T. Turtle. 
  I am happy to introduce all of my readers to book number 2...


Once again I feel like Micki really wrote a great book for all ages, especially us Turtle lovers.  This book is a little longer than the first book so it took us a couple of sessions to read it to Jude.  Jude really enjoyed the illustrations and pointing out the animals.  He is probably a little young for this book but I know that in a couple of years it will fit his personality.
I believe this book would be perfect for a 6-8 year old boy or girl.  This book is great for bedtime reading together or even great for the children to read on their own.  Easy to read and great story that will really attract the kiddos! 

I really enjoyed this second story about Thurston – this time we were brought into a little mystery about butter cookies and lemonade!  While Mr. Turtle's second grade class uncovers other similarities, it is the discovery of old letters, help from the scattered Mr. Possum and a visit to an old family friend that converge to reveal the legend of the lemonade. And the butter cookies, too, of course!  All of our old friends are back to share the mystery of the cookies and lemonade.  So fun!  

If you would like to own your own copy of “Thurston T Turtle And  The Legend Of The Lemonade” you can purchase it from Amazon for $12.95.  To learn more about this and other books by Micki Bare stop by her blog at Navigating Hectivity and her website at Inspired Scribe or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Micki has graciously offered TWO of my lovely readers a chance to meet up with Thurston yet again!!  Thank you Micki!  

Use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter this giveaway. 

***Disclosure:  The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.   

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: GO ROCKIES!

Last weekend we headed to the Colorado Rockies Game. We had a great time with "Aunt Lauren and Uncle Jared" and Jude LOVED saying "GO ROCKIES!" He was good luck too - we beat the Dodgers!

Jude got to meet Dinger!! So cute!

Me and my boy! :O)

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Half Baked YO!


How far along?
20 weeks and 3 days

Weight gain/loss:
 Down 1 pound still.  I have my appetite back though so I am sure that will change soon!  ;o)

Feeling pretty good right now.  I am grateful that my doctors are letting me visit them every week just so I feel better about this little lady growing in my tummy. 

Maternity clothes?
Oh yes!  Went shopping at Motherhood Maternity last weekend and stocked up.  I love my new shirts and capri’s!  Makes me feel so much better feeling stylish!  

Pretty good except for the horrible heartburn that wakes me up.  It sucks.  The chocolate milk helps but sometimes it gets so bad that I end up having to throw up.  YUCK!

Food cravings:
 CHOCOLATE MILK! Again!! Funny!  This is the only thing that helps my horrible HEARTBURN!!  I drink it all the time.

Some – I get little nudges every once in a while.  I hope I start feeling her more and more!!

What I miss?
Being able to eat pizza and not end up with heartburn from HELL!!  Lol  

Best moment this week:
Rockies Game with Jude, Jeremy and our friends Lauren and Jared.  So much fun!  Jude loved cheering on the Rockies!! 

What I'm looking forward to:
  Our June 15th appointment to get more answers from the high risk doctor. 

Next Appointment:
Going every week – I have an appointment this morning.  Then one on June 12th and then the big one on June 15th.   

Half Baked!!  So happy that we made it this far.  Huge Milestone!! 


Monday, June 4, 2012

It's a....



Yes - I am well aware that this is a REALLY late post but here you go!!

We found out on May 21st that we are having a baby girl. I knew it - Jeremy was wrong! ;o)

At this ultrasound we were only 18 weeks along so the tech could only say 99% girl but we didn't see anything that would make us believe a penis was growing either! lol So we are sticking with GIRL!!

At this ultrasound they found that I have a large area of old blood, about 1 inch x 5 inches of hematoma. They believe that when I had the "big" bleed on April 30th that my placenta tried to pull away (picture a postage stamp). Thankfully my body stopped and so far my baby girl is doing well! I go to a High Risk doctor on June 15th for a full work up and exam.

We have a fighter and a challenge ahead of us!! A spitfire sort of little lady - perfect in my eyes!!


Such a cute little foot!! Oh and Jude now says "Baby sihser"! ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

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