Building Our Story: July 2012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Girl Nursery Update

Isn't funny how the 2nd pregnancy goes a lot faster and you really do not start preparing nearly as early as you did with your first?!?  LOL  I guess it is true - the 2nd child gets the shaft!! 

Fear not little lady - we do have plans and some of them have started!!  So don't you worry!!  We really are preparing for you. 

Just so you all can remember here is Jude's room which will be transformed into Jude and baby girl's room - yes we will be having them room share for a couple years.  Pray for us for a good sleeper!!  ;o)

As you can see from the link above we decided to go very neutral when planning Jude's room because we knew that we would want to have our 2nd baby in that room as well.  So we went with Classic Winnie the Pooh - neutral, soft colors.  We love it and so does Jude.  So hopefully baby girl does as well!  ;o)  You may have gathered that we are not painting or anything.  It will stay as is...with some added girl touches for her!

Here are the new additions to the room. 

This is the crib we bought - it isn't built yet but it is on our to do list of course!  It is the same deep espresso color that Jude's furniture is.  Matches great! 

This is her dresser.  Again a great deep espresso color that will match everything.  We decided to save room that we would put this in the closet and keep the other dressers and wardrobe out in the room.  I never hang my son's clothes, we fold everything, so it will really give us great use of the closet!  This is already done too!  In the closet and ready for some girl clothes!!!  YAY!!  One thing completed! 

And the most recent purchase (today) her crib bedding set!  Like I said we did Classic Winnie the Pooh in the room and I was shocked when I found another "girly" set of Classic Winnie the Pooh!  The best part - it isn't just PINK - there is a great raspberry color that I love.  You will hear this often - I am not a fan of PINK!  Yes some outfits are cute in pink but just cuz she is a girl doesn't mean she will ONLY wear pink!! 

This will make her little crib corner her own. 

So that's the update so far.  We have a lot to do still but I count this as progress! 

More pictures to come!! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

My pregnancy confession...

I haven’t blogged in a couple days so I thought I would use today to vent and be super honest with all of my readers. 
You have all probably figured this out but I am pregnant – GASP!!  LOL It’s true.  I am actually 28 weeks along now.  Amazing how fast it goes!! 
Now, just like all pregnant women I have my anxieties, worries, and concerns about my upcoming labor and delivery as well as welcoming a new baby into the world.  Yes, even the second time around you feel these things – along with excitement, joy and happiness of course!!
The difference this time around for me has nothing to do with the PAIN, water breakage, or hospital bag.  The only thing that I am worked up about right now –
That’s it but let me tell you I am nervous, embarrassed, and just plan ANXIOUS as f*&k (excuse the offensive language)!
And now time for my confession; a sentence that is hard to say in a world of negative comments, negative people and BULLIES!   Before I let that sentence out I would like to preface this all by saying – do you what you want with your babies/children, it is your choice, BUT the negative and condescending comments will do you NO good here – bullies will not be tolerated!! 
Here we go -
Confession out – do you still like me?  And now for the problem I am having after I proudly say that I have no desire to go through the heartache, pain, frustration, and overall STRESS again.  For my story of why I struggled with nursing Jude please click this link!! 
The hospital I am delivering at is an amazing, fairly new hospital in the Denver area – same hospital that I delivered Jude at and I love it.  It is what is considered a “Baby Friendly” hospital (funny name, I would hope all hospitals were baby friendly! Lol) 
Here is what they describe as “Baby Friendly” = Breastfeeding immediately after birth, discourage pacifiers, bedside sleeping/in room sleeping (love this!) and discourage bottles and formula.  Yes, pretty baby friendly, I agree with that.  Well unless your body or baby decides that nursing just is going to work or if you as a woman decide that you have no desire to feed your baby from your boob! 
So this is what I am afraid of – I already told you my confession – I do not want to nurse my baby!  BUT I also do not want to hear from every single nurse or lactation consultant that I am doing something wrong.  So what does this anxious mommy-to-be do?? 
Am I able to bring my own formula and bottles?  Do I “fake” it and nurse while we are at the hospital?  Just be a strong woman and own up to the nurses from the beginning?  Am I ready for the looks of disgust?
For those of you who have walked into a hospital delivery room with these worries, what did you do?  How did you make the experience as blessed as your first? 
And by the way – my 2 year old boy who was a formula baby is one healthy, active little man – formula did he well!  And formula helped me keep my sanity!  Okay, most of it! 
Thank you for listening to my confession!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

27 Weeks!

How far along? 27 Weeks in picture (today I am 27 weeks and 5 days) 

Weight gain/loss? +6  - still very happy with this!  

Maternity clothes? Oh yes!  Every day!!

Stretchies? Nothing new. Thankfully.

Sleep? I am exhausted which would make you think that I would just fall right to sleep every night – NOPE!  Still struggling with falling asleep.  Not fun!!

Best moment this week?  Being on vacation for a long weekend in Arizona!

WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK:  Having to come back to work after a long weekend away with family and friends.
Oh and also having my Glucose Test on Tuesday.  YUCK!!  No word on the results just yet. 

Movement?  Yes – and it feels really different than I remember with Jude.  Jude was a puncher and baby girl is more of a tumbler. 

Food cravings?  Peanut Butter!  And Chocolate Milk.  Oh and I MADE Jeremy go to Olive Garden last night.  It sounded soooo yummy!!  And it was!!  ;)

Gender? GIRL!

Labor signs? No way!

Belly button in or out?  in but getting kind of shallow.

What I miss?  Not be tired all the freakin time!

What I am looking forward to?  The weekend.  I think we are going to start getting the crib and stuff ready in the nursery.  It is time you know!  ;)

Weekly wisdom?  Peanut Butter M&M’s are amazing!  ;)

Milestones?  Hitting the third trimester!  WOW!!!   Registering at the hospital and turning in birth certificate information!  Wow!  How is this going soooo fast?!?!

August 24th – Growth U/S and last visit with the high risk doctor (32 weeks)
September 18th – 36 week appointment

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Always Remember

As most of my readers know, we live in Denver Colorado - today for Wordless Wednesday please take a moment to pray for all involved in the Theater 9 Shooting.  


Show love to one another - no hate, no judgment, no pain.  
Love only!  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our little traveler

Most of your kiddos are probably in love with CARS too.  Well Jude has finally hit that stage.  He loves McQueen or "Queen" as he calls him.  Last year for his birthday he got a McQueen suitcase from his grandma and grandpa and he was finally old enough on our recent visit to Arizona to use it.  

I honestly thought we would be carrying it the whole time but I was surprised when this is was the view we had through Denver International Airport!


Ahhh!!  So freaking cute!  He and his McQueen suitcase packed full of toys made our day!  He is getting so big - too fast!  lol  

Oh and since this big boy is now 2 we had to buy his first plane ticket - he loved having his own seat on the plane.  He did great on both flights.  He is a great little traveler!  

Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Surprise FINALLY came out!

For the last month or so we have been keeping a surprise from my good friend Aynsley. 

 See Aynsley has entered the world of the DIRTY 30's but before that she moved to Arizona, away from her friends. :O( We miss her!! But I couldn't, and either could her boyfriend, ring in the 30's with out some friends!! 

 So we headed to Arizona to SURPRISE her and celebrate with her! And it so worked! She had no idea! Jeremy and I walked up to her door and knocked and boom - SURPRISE!!! 

 It was so fun to see her and catch up. Here is my favorite picture of us on that night. 

 Happy Birthday Aynsley!!!


On top of seeing her we were able to visit with Jeremy's parents for the weekend too so it was a great but fast vacation!! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless{ful} Wednesday: Tiny Town

Have any of you visited Tiny Town in Colorado?  Well if any of you are visiting Colorado it is a perfect family outing for toddlers!  Jude was in love!  

Tiny Town is in Morrison Colorado.  

Time for some pictures!!  :O)

Tiny Town and the train!!  Jude was so excited!!

We got to ride the train of course.  He really was excited he just wouldn't smile!  lol

Jude knocking on the doors.  You know - cuz his "guys" might be home!  LOL

Daddy and Jude in front of the school.

CRAZY driver!!! Playing on the playground. 

Jude is the king of the windmill!!

Sitting on the church steps.  This is a tradition for my family.  So cute!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

26 Weeks Bump Update


How far along? 26 Weeks 

Weight gain/loss? +5 - not too bad!!  

Maternity clothes? Yup that’s all I wear now.

Stretchies? Nothing new. Thankfully.

Sleep? Getting to sleep is still a problem.  I feel so tired but then once I am in bed I can't fall asleep!  Stupid!

Best moment this week?  Hearing Jude ask us to play the "Hey Jude" song in the car for him!  How cute!!!

WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK:  The heat is finally getting to me.  We have had a hot summer so far and now I am getting annoyed with it.  I get really dehydrated which leads to dizzy spells.  Lovely!

Movement?  Yes - here and there...wish it was more!

Food cravings? Chocolate Milk as usual.  Helps with heartburn too!

Gender? GIRL!

Labor signs? No way!

Belly button in or out?  in but getting kind of shallow.

What I miss? Sleeping on my tummy and not having Heartburn every night.

What I am looking forward to? Oh there is a BIG surprise this week but I cannot say anything just yet!!

Weekly wisdom? Drink water!  Lots of water!

Milestones?  Well we decided on a name for sure!  More to come on that...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

25 Weeks & Today equals 100 days left!!


How far along?
In picture 25 weeks.  Today (July 12th)  marks 100 days left! Oh goodness!

Weight gain/loss:
 +5 pounds - pretty proud of that.  Hoping I can stay under 20 pounds like I did with Jude.  

Exhausted.  I have NEVER had insomnia but I do now.  I had to take Monday off of work because I only got about 3 hours of sleep the night before.  STUPID!  So yeah - exhausted!
Maternity clothes?
Oh yeah!  Lots of capri's, dresses and tanks.  HOTT!!

Well when I fall asleep I am fine - it is getting to sleep that is a struggle. 

Food cravings:
 Chocolate Milk.  Salads too!  Especially the Strawberry Fields Salad from TGIFridays. 

Yes - more and more every day which is a great feeling. 

What I miss?
Like last week - not knowing what to eat.  Nothing sounds great.  

Best moment this week:
Getting the crib and dresser delivered.  Now we have a lot of work to do to get it all set up. 

What I'm looking forward to:
As always, THE WEEKEND!  I love spending days with my boys.  And work is just plain not fun right now. :(

Next Appointment:
July 24th – regular OB appointment. 

100 days left!

AND buying baby girl clothes a couple days ago!!  We even found some items that weren't PINK!!  Thank goodness!  LOL  I am not a pink girl!  ;)



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Such a Man


This is my son already getting with the ladies. The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders that is! LOL  Don't mind the "cheese" face on Jude.  Happens when we say "SMILE!"  Silly guy.  


And here he is checking out the whole squad.  He looked at this picture for a LONG time. 

Like I said - SUCH A MAN!! 

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2 Year Old Stats and Professional Pictures

On June 29th we had Jude’s 2 year old well check.
We were very excited to see how much our “little” guy weighed and how tall he was too.

We all know that Jude looks like a 3 year old so we were not surprised when we heard these stats:

31 pounds (88%)
36.25 inches tall (91%)

WOW!! He is over 3 feet tall now. That is amazing. He is one big boy.

The doctor was very impressed with his vocabulary and development that equals some happy parents. He also noted that he is one happy guy, again something we all know! ;o) He did have to get one shot which was heartbreaking! He cried so fast and so hard. :o( SAD!! But he is clear on shots until he is 5 years old! YAY for Jude and for mommy and daddy.

We left the appointment with a HAPPY AND HEALTHY 2 year old! So blessed!

And now – his 2 year old professional pictures. We went to Target again, they did a great job. This was by far the hardest session we have EVER had with Jude. He was so crazy and wouldn’t stop moving so for that we are SO pleased with the shots they created for us. Thanks Target!!

Classic Jude! LOL


I love this kid! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

We went for the 3d...

Most of you have probably noticed that we in fact having another baby – Due October 20th.

We are so excited and have announced that it is a GIRL! YAY!! Well we never really got that “Money Shot” or the 100% girl announcement from the ultrasounds I had with my OB so we HAD to do our own investigating!

We decided to pay the extra money and have an elective 3d ultrasound that is in no way connected to my OB office. I was nervous that yet again we would be told that “it is 99% a girl!” But we left happy and convinced!

The coveted MONEY SHOT!!!!!!! YAY!! Hello Baby Girl 100%! Lol

One of the many 3d shots. I must admit these ultrasound pictures freak me out a little bit. I always said I would never pay for one of these appointments because I felt like you were seeing too much BUT I had to get the gender confirmation. I am glad we went but I wouldn’t do it again – just my opinion! Lol

These pictures were taken at 23 weeks and 4 days.

So there we have it – GIRL!!!!!!!!

Easy Canvas Review and Giveaway

I was thrilled when I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints to do a review of their products and even more thrilled when I heard I would get to give ONE of my lucky readers their own chance to have an Easy Canvas Print in their home.

  Canvas Prints

I love pictures – I have pictures all over my house but there is something so different about a picture on a canvas. I knew exactly what picture I wanted to create into a canvas because I knew it would be a great Father’s Day gif t for my dad. 

 Custom Photo’s on Canvas are just different and to me, special. The photo I wanted to make into a keepsake for my dad was a picture of me at 2 years old with my dad standing behind me watching the waves of the Pacific Ocean. I was a little nervous it the picture would be detailed enough for it to come out alright just by scanning it via my home scanner. Thankfully it was perfect! Mind you this printed “old” photo is 28 years old!! :O) 

 Are you ready to see my dad opening his gift – a gift that he hasn’t stopped talking about?!?! I think we made a good choice for Father’s Day! ;)

I wish you could see his smile.  :)  The quality was amazing and the canvas was perfectly packaged so that it was protected while in the mail.  Great service if you ask me!

Still in the wrapping so it has some glare but honestly the picture on canvas is identical to the original printed photo!  I was pretty cute right?!?  ;)  

 I couldn't believe how easy it was to put my photo on canvas! You can even upload from Facebook, Instagram!! Uploading is super easy and Easy Canvas will tell you if the print quality is Poor, Fair or Good. Which was really important for me because I didn’t want the photo to not have the quality on the canvas. Once your photo is uploaded you can move it around on the canvas, zoom in and change the size of the canvas. 

Easy Canvas Prints also prints signs! Yard sale signs, vinyl banners, car magnets, even business cards!  Hello easy! 

I have a ton of photos that I really want to create into a Custom Photo Canvas!!!

 And now for the good stuff! 

Use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter this giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

***Disclosure: The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.

Friday, July 6, 2012

24 weeks (late) V-Day Milestone!


How far along?
In picture 24 weeks – V-DAY!!

Weight gain/loss:
 Honestly I haven’t been on the scale.  I am sure I am up about 5 pounds now.   

Heartburn is killing me.  I take my meds religiously but it still happens.  Ouch!  Other than that I am just HOT – it has been so freaking hot here in Colorado (not normal) so it makes it a little uncomfortable. 
Maternity clothes?
Yup – EVERYTHING!  Well except my 15 dollar 2x swimsuit that sort of works for my belly but WAY cheaper than those maternity suits!  Lol  

Just fine but I miss sleeping on my tummy.

Food cravings:
 Chocolate Milk.

Yes!  Finally more movement.  Nothing from the outside yet, Jeremy really wants to feel her.  I found out that I have an anterior placenta so movement might be less than I remember with Jude.  Bummer. 

What I miss?
Being hungry for something.  I can never think of anything to eat for dinner.  I don’t know why.

Best moment this week:
Hitting a big milestone.  24 weeks is considered the viability date in pregnancy.  Although it would be a hard struggle if baby girl came this early her chances are very high of survival on the outside.  Just nice to know!  YAY for 24 weeks!

What I'm looking forward to:
The weekend!
Next Appointment:
July 24th – regular OB appointment.  Not having to go every week anymore!  YAY!!



Also - in case you wanted to compare, here is my 24 week picture from when I was pregnant with Jude! 


Y3W: Choo Choo I'm


We celebrated Jude’s 2nd birthday last Saturday and we had a blast with the theme:

This kid loves trains right now so this was perfect for him!! We had an amazing day in the HOT sun but the kids didn’t care! We had 3 kiddie pools out those kids played for over 2 hours in the pools! We are so blessed with amazing friends and family. And now PICTURE TIME!!!

Check out this banner from Sweet Stella’s. We had the banner from last year (Turtle Party) but she created Train embellishments for the banner and we transformed it into a Choo Choo Banner! So creative and we got a TON of compliments! Make sure you check her out!


Our Birthday Boy!! Train hat, train shirt and train shorts!! Adorable!!! He didn’t stay in this outfit for long though because all his friends wanted to get into the pools right away! Lol Oh well. Got a picture so that is what counts!

Time for Cake!! The amazing cake was created by the same person who created his turtle cake and also the cake in his “real” birthday pictures. Julie does amazing work and we will be calling her for every cake we EVER need!!

He really wanted to sit in his new chair for cake so when he had to blow out candles it was the cutest thing ever!! Happy Birthday Jude!!

Presents!!!! So many presents! We are going to have to stop having parties because we cannot walk away with this many toys every year! Seriously – Jude is loved!
Boston Red Sox’s Shirt!!!!!! Daddy was happy!

Thomas is the best!

Presents Round Two! With Grrrmama! He got his first fishing pole from Grrrmama and Pa! Cars!! YAY!

Enjoying one of the MANY presents with Grrrmama.

Pool time! Jude loved playing with the “big boys!” He was pooped after everyone left. Good times!

This party was so much fun and I cannot say it enough – thank you to all of our friends and family for making this day so memorable for us and for JUDE!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Potty Training Help!!!

Alright readers, we need your help!

Jude is 2 now which means I really think we need to begin the Potty Training thang!

So we started by buying him a Potty for his birthday. Well that is as far as we have gone! LOL

What do we do now?!?!

I need to buy a book but I would love to hear all of your tips and what worked and DIDN’T work for you!

 And go………..


Yes, I realize he will hate me later for posting this but I HAD too!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2 years old!! Happy Birthday Jude!

Hard to believe that we have a 2 year old now. On Monday June 25th our “little” turtle turned 2 years old!! We had a great day with our little man. Time for a picture overload! Enjoy!! ;o)

We decided that we wanted to take Jude to the “big” zoo in Colorado for his birthday surprise. This zoo is in Colorado Springs, Colorado and happened to be REALLY close to the horrible Waldo Canyon Wildfire but we were lucky enough to be able to still visit the zoo. It was the perfect day for a zoo trip – well besides it being 100 degrees out but yeah perfect!

We started his birthday by letting him be front facing in the car all the way to the Big Zoo! He was really excited to be able to see outside in front of him. He kept saying – “weee”! LOL ADORABLE!!


Here is our BIG 2 year old all ready for the drive to the Big Zoo! So proud! Once we got to Colorado Springs, we stopped for breakfast at Burger King. Our birthday boy wore his crown proudly and was really excited to almost be at the zoo!!

So silly!!

And now for our zoo trip! This zoo was amazing – this was mine and Jeremy’s first visit as well. I know we will be going back soon!!

Feeding the Giraffes with Daddy. Purple tongues!!

Oh no he got you Jude!!

Riding an ant with my Daddy! I love these boys!!

Big Bear!!

And at the end of our day we went to the gift shop and Jude got to pick out one stuffed animal. We were prepared for a bear or a giraffe but this big boy wanted that Alligator! LOL He had that gator on his lap the whole way home, even when he was sleeping! That is one special Alligator!

After the zoo we had some family over for Jude’s cake and presents. Spoiled much?!?! :O)


Happy Birthday JUDE!! He thought it was the greatest thing to hear us all sing to him. That smile never left his face! And he was VERY excited for cake! YUM!!!

Mommy and Daddy’s gift to Jude. A sandbox! I wrote his name in the sand and when we opened it he put both of his hands right in – look at those handprints!! Perfect! He loves his sandbox – I recommend a sandbox for every 2 year old!


He loves the trucks!!

So 2 years have come and gone and it has been a blast. Thank you for being the best Turtle anyone could have asked for Jude. Your mommy and daddy adore you and love you so much! Happy Birthday!!!

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