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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Help Save Oogave Soda!

I happily introduced you all to Oogave Soda last year.  I was saddened when I receieved an email from Oogave, a Colorado business, asking me for help. 

Oogave has reached a critical point and has found themselves fighting to stay in business.  In order to escape the shadows of the big soda giants and make sure they reach all of the consumers who would love to find us, it takes a lot... a lot of case sales and economies of scale.  That requires a lot of money, which is where they have run short, however, they remain long in great opportunities and passion to keep the business afloat.

So how can you help?

Visit the SAVE Oogave Soda website for more information.

Also please share this in your social media communitee!  If you are like me and love helping the small guys but more importantly the local guys please help me help Oogave and SHARE!

Thanks all!


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