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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our New Pets

Meet our 7 fish and 2 frogs.

This is Jude's Santa present, it was quite the operation to make this DREAM come true for Jude.  He wanted Santa to bring him fish for Christmas.  Challenge excepted son.  :O)

One week before Christmas Eve we got the tank all set up in our basement.  We prayed over the fish to make it until Christmas morning.  On Christmas Eve we prayed more, as we had to move the tank and fish upstairs!!  Yikes!  It worked though.  The 2 fish and 1 frog that we had ready survived and greeted Sir Jude on Christmas morning!

He named the 1st frog Thomas, his black fish is James and his red fish is Percy.  Do you see a connection here??

The day after Christmas we took Jude to the petstore to purchase more fish and 1 more frog as Santa instructed us too.  :O)

He now has a yellow fish, 2 white fish, 2 blue fish and another frog.  We haven't heard names for these new additions yet.  Jude LOVES turning on the aquirium light and feeding the fish every morning - 2 pinches!!  ;o)  We have him trained.  I espeically love the Mr. Potatohead and yellow submarine.  Perfect if I do say myself!!

Playing Santa is fun!  And I so happy that we were able to create magic for our little Turtle on Christmas morning. 


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