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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Transitioning to the Crib

Teagan is 3 months old. 
She is sleeping great at night so we know it is time to really think about the transition from our room to Jude and Teagan’s room.

She has the cutest bed - she really should use it!

I am nervous for many reasons. 
First off let me start by saying this, we never had Jude in our room when he was first born.  The day we came home from the hospital he went right into the nursery in his crib.  We decided with us having both Jude and Teagan sleeping in the same room we had to have her in the bassinet until she was sleeping through the night. 

So here we are.  She is ready.  Is Jude ready? Are we ready?

Right now Jude goes down for bed at 8pm – Teagan not until 10pm with us.  There is our first obstacle.  Jude sleeps until about 6:30am – Teagan gets up around 5:30am.  Another obstacle.

What do you suggest? 

My thoughts right now:
~Wait to do the trial run until Jeremy is healed and able to help lift and such.

~ Putting Jude down at his normal time and leaving the door open so we can sneak in with a sleeping Teagan around 10pm. 
~What happens when she fights sleeping?  We did {and succeeded} “cry it out” with Jude.  How do you CIO with a toddler in the room too?
~Jude should just adjust to the extra noise in the room when she cries for a bottle at 5:30am – I HOPE!

~Cannot wait to have OUR room back!

There you have it.  What do we do from here?  I would love to hear from you if you had kiddos that share{d} rooms.



  1. I'm curious to see how it works and what you do to make it work. We were just discussing the kids sharing a room when baby #2 is sleeping through the night. But then last night I started worrying about that plan. Mackenzie maybe in a big girl bed by then....and then all the reasons you mentioned. Has me questioning our decision. :)

  2. I'd probably do the sneak in and put her down sleeping, if she is fighting sleep then you could quietly rock her until she does fall asleep and then put her down. We didn't do CIO until both kids were older. I think Aiden was at least a year when we did it the first time. Rebecca we have not done it yet. She sleeps great anyway. I have put her down crying because she refused to settle down. I let her cry for about 5mins, which was forever to her. Went in and then she settled right down after I picked her up for a minute.

  3. I'm interested to follow along with your story. I know Moriah ( had her kids in the same room from a very young age...but I don't recall how it went. My boys will have to share a room on vacation this should be interesting! Good luck!


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