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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My 2013 Goals {LATE}

I have had an extra MONTH to lay these out and start working on them but I still wanted to share with you all what my 2013 Goals are. 


1.       Health.   That is number one on my list for 2013.  I have 2 precious gifts that I need to be healthy for.  I am 30 – not a SO young anymore {the truth hurts} and because I am getting older all these extra pounds just have to go.  I have started Weight Watchers again and I hope that this program is the program that helps in me losing AT LEAST 70 pounds.  It would be fantastic to lose that weight before I am 31 but if it takes longer that is fine too.  HEALTH is so important.  I know that my husband is also on board with being healthy now that he is recovering from his ileostomy surgery. 

2.      READ – yup, this is back on the list.  READING!!  I have a goal of reading at least 13 books in 2013.  So far I have read 1!!   I am happy with my progress.  I got a NOOK for Christmas and I LOVE IT!!  Cannot wait to get back to reading again.  I promise to continue some book reviews too.

3.      Organize my life!  In every area.  I would like to organize our files at home as well as get those digital pictures onto a CD and put those CDs in our fire safe.  I am working on this stuff already but I have a LONG ways to go!!

4.      Meal planning!  I will meal plan.  I will try new recipes and share them too!  I will make sure to help my entire family eat healthier with my meal planning!

5.      BUDGET – time to get rid of this debt.  We are in more debt than we have EVER have been due to the medical bills and smaller paychecks (maternity leave/surgery).  Once I am back to my normal paycheck I will create a budget and LIVE it.  As soon as this happens I will keep you updated!!!  It will be hard but we have to do something NOW!

6.      Have fun with my kiddos.  Seriously, they grow up TOO Fast.  I am sad about that and I want to have fun every single day with them!! 

I would love to hear your TOP Goal of 2013 too.  Share away!! 



  1. I am working on meal planning also. It helps with the budget! I got a Kindle last year and it helped me with my reading goals! Good luck with your goals!

  2. Good luck! You can do it! I do budget analysis and if you need help, ask! And I would love to share my healthy recipes with you that fall great into weight watchers and is good for meal planning! And I'm an organization freak too! But reading your on your own...I still can't do it! I'm proud of you!!

  3. They sound like reasonable goals! Can't wait to hear updates! We have some similar goals so I think reading updates from each other could be encouraging!


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