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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sticker Chart Update and Success!

We use Time-Outs in our house for our redirection and discipline, recently there have been a ton of time-outs for Jude so we decided we had to do something else. 


I found this perfect chart online for free!  I decided we should give it a shot.  

We let Jude pick out the stickers he wanted to use for his chart - he chose Toy Story!!  

Our Rules:
1 sticker at day at home and 1 sticker a day at "Daycare" {my parents}
If Jude goes to time out he loses his sticker for the day. 
Example:  Time out at home - no sticker.  No time out at daycare - STICKER!
Weekends he gets 2 stickers at our house. 
We give warnings about losing stickers before being told to sit in time out.
Time Out = 2 minutes of sitting in our corner or my parents corner.

Jeremy and I created a Prize box just for Jude. 

If he fills up his sticker chart {12 stickers} he will get to chose something from his prize box.  I just hope it doesn't take him a month to get 1 prize!!  ;O)  

For motivation we showed him his prize box so he knows there are some fun things in there that he can earn with good behavior!

So far we are pleased.  Yes he has had days with NO stickers but other days he gets so excited to go and pick out his stickers and put them on his chart.  His behavior has improved and we still see some rough days but some of that is just being 2!  Oh the joys!  


I think so!!  YAY Jude!!  

What Behavior Charts/Tools do you use in your house?


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