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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Teagan's 4 Month Post

Teagan Evelyn

4 Months Old - February 20, 2013

We went to the doctor for her 4 month check- up and we found out what we already knew.  We have one happy and healthy baby girl!  

At this appointment we discussed starting her on solids, we did the same with Jude at 4 months.  Our doctor this time around said that the recommendations have changed and that they now want you to wait until 6 months to start any solids.  boo!!  I was so bummed!  
I still think we are going to start her on rice cereal at dinner time.  She enjoys sitting at the dinner table with us in her high chair and shows interest in eating.  I of course will keep you updated!!  

We did the 4 month vaccines, the same round that she had at 2 months.  She did well, but was so angry!!!  She had a rough night the night of the shots but seems to be doing better now.  

Tummy time!  We need to do this more!!  She isn't rolling over yet and the doctor seemed surprised.  So that is on our daily to do list.  She loves kicking and playing on her playmat so we just need to flip that lady over more!!  ;)  

It is hard to believe that Teagan is already 4 months old.  It really does go too fast.  She is such a happy and smiley girl which makes every day perfect with her.  She has quite the voice - Jeremy has dubbed her as the Terodactyl Baby! She lights up when Jude comes to see her - she loves him. 

We are working on the crib transition and so far so good - updates to follow. 

The last month has been full of smiles, laughs and lots of cuddles.  

Now time for the stats!! 

Teagan's 4 Month Stats:
Weight:  13 pounds 5 ounces (31%)
Height:  25 3/4 inches (91%)

Perfection - one tall little lady!!    



  1. I don't like that the solids start time has changed. We started Mackenzie at 4 months and did rice cereal, but it bothered her so we switched to oatmeal and had no issues.
    Also, Mackenzie didn't roll over until she was 7 months and our doctor didn't mind that she waited so long. I find it interesting how different doctors can be....just like every kid is different.
    Can't wait to hear how the crib switch and sharing a room is going.

  2. What lovely pics!

    I would absolutely love for you to link up at the Friday Baby Shower, the new linky party for all things pregnancy and new baby – Alice @ Mums Make Lists xxx



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