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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday on the WW: Week 3

Week 3 on the program!

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Well I struggled this week to stay on track.  I didn’t track – that is the problem.  We had a lot of stress and happiness going on this week and food really pulls at me during trying times.

I lost a friend and co-worker on Friday after a long battle of cancer.  This news rocked our agency to the core.  He has a wife and 3 young children, he was in the same hospital as Jeremy and was there when Jeremy was.  This just brings a ton of emotions to me – good and sad emotions.  I know how blessed I am that my husband, best friend and babies daddy is recovering at home and doing well. 

With all of this going on I just forget about making healthy choices. On top of this it was my brother’s birthday which means eating out and donut towers! 

Okay, enough making excuses.  I am back on track this morning and ready to lose.

For Week 3, I am sad to say that I gained +2.4 pounds.  I knew I was going to gain but before the funeral last night I went in to WW to weigh in.  I feel like that is owning what I did wrong this week. 

I hope you link up and share what your WW week was full of. 

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  1. So sorry to hear about your friend. :( It is so hard to not eat emotionally during those times. It's okay. It is so good that you still went to weigh in. Even though I do weight watchers online, I still have weighed in every week and recorded it no matter how bad my week was to keep me accountable. And I just keep trying!!! So far, so good! So keep at it, girl!


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