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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday on the WW: Week 4

Week 4 on the program!

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My Week 4 in Review:

I am back on track!!  After a weekend of fun celebrating my {belated} 30th birthday I was really worried about getting on the scale last night but I stepped on proud of what I did - tracking!!  I tracked almost all week, except for the birthday drinking!!  lol 

I lost weight!!  

Down 1.8 pounds this week. 
 That puts me at a total of 4.6 in four weeks on the program.  I am not very happy with those results but I do know that I can do better and I am really going to focus daily on this.  

I have a goal - I will be going to Arkansas to celebrate my BFF's 30th birthday party in April.  I have about 7 weeks to get to a goal of losing a total of 15 pounds!  So about 10 more to go!  I can do this!  I will do this!

For lunch yesterday I tried something new and I was pleasantly surprised.  

These little treats come in all kinds of flavors.  So far I have had the Zucchini and Pizza!  Yum!!  This Zucchini Souffle is only 4 Points Plus!  Hello!!    This is one of my new easy lunch items!  

Well I am using my ActiveLink every day.  I like it - it is easy to use and makes me think about every step I take during the day.  I am, however, very surprised at how little I actually move during a normal work day.  Sad really.  I really am trying to get up more during the day just to get more activity in but most normal days I am only making 1 Activity Point!  ONLY 1!!  How pathetic is that??
I haven't worked out in a really long time and being that it is winter we do not go outside in the evening.  I know more excuses.  I really need to work on this part.  

Goal for the Week:
TRACK!!  I always do better when I track!!  I know I can do this!!  
All week!  I am tracking - even the worst!!  
Saturday will be tricky as we are having a big combined birthday party with extending family.  Oy!!  I will track though!!  

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  1. Ata girl!! Tracking really helps me stay focused!

  2. Great job!! And remember no loss is a small loss. It all adds up in the long run! Keep at it!


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