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Friday, March 8, 2013

Jumping to the Potty?!?!

Well here we are AGAIN.  Do you remember this post about me needing some Potty Training ideas??  You know…back in JULY! 

I really feel like Jude is ready for Potty Training.  And I THINK we might be ready too.  So many things have been happening in our world recently that Jeremy and I were so not committed to getting this done.  So here we are. 

Jude will be 3 in June – I would love for him to be Potty Trained now but my goal is by his 3rd birthday and our ULTIMATE HAVE TO date is before Preschool in August.  So we have 5 months to get it down!

My plan: (Starting tomorrow A.M.!)
No forcing.
Make it fun.
Let him sit on the potty as much as he wants.
Little treats – Skittles are his favorite candy right now!
Books for Jude – we have the Potty books out.
I bought CARS pull-ups for something new for him.
Lots of reminders.

My worries:
What do we do when we go out – put the diapers back on?
His poop – yup I am worried about his poop!  LOL He has the softest “baby” poop still.  GROSS!
I worry we are going to do it wrong – I know, how insecure am I?? 

Updates to come!  Wish us luck!!



  1. Gah! We are SO not ready! I'm petrified of accidents in public, and he still poops through the night sometimes!

  2. I bought plastic pants to cover the undies and help prevent leaks and brought extra pants with us everywhere. I keep a set of clothes in my truck still. We DID NOT leave the house for 3 days. Well I left a couple times, but Eyan stayed at home with daddy or grandma. We hung out in the kitchen on the tile floors a lot.

  3. It took awhile before I was brave enough to go out in undies, so we just did diapers when out. But we treated it like underwear and still took frequent potty breaks. 99% of the time he stayed dry so it was really just my insecurities!

    We never did pull ups. Straight to underwear! Good luck!

  4. Just go on small trips first, make sure he goes before, ask when you get there, and ask when you leave. Braden has never had an accident in public, only twice in his car seat.

  5. 1. dont put a diaper on when you go out... i always felt like it was says its ok to go in a diaper while we are out however when we are at home you cant. sends mixed signals. just be consistant. if he is wearing pullups at home make him wear pull ups when you go out. ask his A LOT if he needs to go. :)

    2. it will a turd when he does it in the potty. i thought the exact same thing about B but once he sat then it made a turd. :)

    3. there is no right and wrong... he will let you know what works for him. just go slow and take your cues from him.


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