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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Teagan's 5 Months Old!

Teagan Evelyn

5 Months - February 20, 2013

Today Teagan is 5 months old - unbelievable!  

Things I want to remember:
~You love to kick, for some reason we all think you might be more active than Jude - YIKES!
~You have rolled over from your back to tummy but you hate being on your tummy so you haven't done it more than 5 times!!
~You are a pro at giving raspberries
~You talk all the time!  We love your voice and Daddy calls you Pterodactyl baby!   
~Rice cereal doesn't sit well with you so we are done with that!
~You still need your 2-3 ounces of pedi-lite every day to keep you regular and comfortable
~You are sleeping in your crib in your room!!  You have had some amazing nights of sleep too - 11pm-8am!!  That was amazing!!  Go Teagan!!
~The Easter Bunny is bringing you Baby Food in your basket!  I cannot wait to feed you!!
~Your hair is getting long and fuzzy!  You have your brothers hair!!
~You are so smiley and when you smile big your tongue sticks out!  So cute!
~Jude can make you stop crying - you adore him!!  

We love you sweet cupcake!  


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