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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Weekend for Me

It's no surprise, I needed a break.  I needed some time to myself and some time to relax and have some mindless fun!  The last 6 months of our life has been beyond crazy and I knew I had reached my limit.  So what did I do?  I went to Little Rock to visit my very best friend, Lauren! 
Since college we have used the word "Weenis" very randomly which led to the name of this weekend trip!
Time to share with you our "WEENIS WEEKEND 2013" - #weenisweekend2013 
We had drinks and laughs.  We had time to catch up. 
We got our toes did!  Ah sweet relaxation!
I heart this girl!  She is my Peanut Butter and I am her Jelly!  ;o)
We celebrated 3-0 with champagne!!
We brought the redneck out in us all and started a fire!
We represented where the Peanut Butter and Jelly began!
We toasted with Mason Jars!
We took a "15 minute" nap on the porch under a beautiful tree!
We shook our booties like we were 21 again!
We found what we will wear every day when we are 70.
We said 'Merica we love you!
We rolled into the Tattoo shop and decided to represent. 
This girl is my BFF!
I miss her, I love her and cannot wait for another visit soon!
We be crazy!!  The only way to live!!


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