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Monday, April 1, 2013

Peep Please? Easter Weekend Recap!

I have an Easter hang over – seriously, I do.  I woke up with a headache and I am pretty sure it is from all the candy I consumed yesterday! 
Also - we have created a monster.  A Peep Monster!  Jude LOVES peeps and I have NO idea how many he ate yesterday - Mom of the Year!!  He woke up this morning "Peep Please?"  Goodness!!
Time for an update on our Easter Weekend activities!!  Picture overload!!
On Saturday we went to a local Easter Egg hunt.  Jude's first Egg hunt!
Jude waited so patiently for the hunt to start!  So hard to do but he did it!!
He even got to visit the Easter Bunny again!  Hugs!!
Enter Mommy Melt Down moment – I am about to admit my fault of the weekend.  Jude didn’t really “get” the whole Egg Hunt thing.  We couldn’t go and help him so he was just wandering around picking stuff up and putting them down – including his basket!! 
When it was over Jude ended up with the following items in his basket:
~1 empty ORANGE Easter Egg
~1 Twizzler! 
Yup that’s it.  And it made me sad. :( But he was happy.  He had fun and even got a balloon.  It was a learning experience for us all.  ;o) 
We did another hunt at church on Sunday and he walked away with a whole basket full of eggs!  He learned the concept!!  ;)
Me and my little lady Teagan enjoying the Spring like weather!  I am loving my Ergo!! 
Easter Morning came and we had one excited little man for his Easter Bunny surprise!!
Woody, candy, quarters and toys!  What else could you want???
Teagan's 1st Easter Basket!!  Clothes, money, books and food!!! 
All dressed up and ready to go to church for Easter Service! 
I love these two!!!
Teagan's 1st Easter!!!!
Exhausted.  Fell asleep playing on my blanket.  It was a busy but fun weekend!
We hope you all had a great Easter!!


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  1. They're so darn cute! We did Owen's 1st egg hunt this year too - just at the inlaws, but he didn't really get it until we told him the Easter Bunny left him lots of surprises and treasures....he knows all about treasures and pirates, so it made it relateable


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