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Thursday, April 4, 2013

#SoccerMom Update

Just a little update from the Newest Soccer Mom on the Block!!
Jude had his very first Soccer practice last Friday and I am pleased to say that he LOVED IT!!

All dressed and ready to go!! 
Soccer Ball - CHECK
Soccer Shoes - CHECK
Shin Guards - CHECK
Soccer Socks - CHECK
Water Bottle - CHECK
Listening to the Coach and learning the ropes. 

He had a blast running around! 
Teagan and Grandma got some good cuddles during the practice.  Got to love Colorado weather, makes for interesting Spring Soccer!

Water Break!!  So much work!!
Our little man at the end of practice.  I think he was a little worn out but he had a great time!  He is ready for the next practice now!!



  1. awh well done! I can't get over how grown up he looks!

  2. Censie, although my son is probably close to your age, it really brought back so many wonderful memories when I read your post on Jude's first soccer practice! Thanks so much for sharing. Nancy from Pittsburgh


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