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Friday, April 26, 2013

To our first FurBaby - Pun-kin

We will always love you.  We will always remember you.  We hate saying good-bye to you.

It is time though.  You are quickly slipping away and not the kitty we grew to love. 
The twitching tail when you heard food.  The cat that will eat anything on that was left in the kitchen.  The kitty that seemed more like a dog.  The nudges and cuddles you loved to give.  The gentle giant that adored Jude - even when Jude was too rough.  Our Sunday nap buddy. 
Cancer took you away from us too early!!  We know that tomorrow you will be set free in Kitty Heaven and you will be eating like a king again. 
We love you Buddy!!
Our Pun-kin - Our Punkinhead - Our Biggens - Our Buddy
So many tears.  We are slowly processing our decision, we know it is the best for him.  He is so sick.  This came on so quickly and he doesn't even look like the kitty we had a month ago.  Crazy cancer. 
I think the hardest thing has been telling Jude that Pun-kin is going to Kitty Heaven tomorrow.  Please keep our family in your prayers tomorrow.  It will be a very hard day for everyone. 


  1. Thinking of you and your kitty :( So sorry you have to make this decision but if he is in pain, then it is the best decision for everyone. Good luck and for your sake, hopefully Jude will move on past it quickly so that you don't have to keep being sad over it. Give pun-kin a pet for me. <3

  2. Thinking of you, it's hard to say goodbye to family, and yes - pets are certainly family. Maybe one day you can get Jude another kitty to help him grieve.


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