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Thursday, May 30, 2013

kidecals Review

This is a sponsored post all about Kidecals! 

Jude is starting Preschool in 4 months – AHHH – and since we have never had to really label his items because he just goes with my parents every day I never really thought about labels.  Then I saw these great labels from kidecals and just knew we had to get some of these for his belongings. 
Kidecals has every design and any type of label you can think of.  Jude is obsessed with Fire Trucks right now so when I saw this one I thought about him. 
These labels are bright and fun for any preschooler!  I love them.  I am already thinking about where these labels should go.  His shoes, his backpack, his coats, his folders, and his lunch box.  But one thing that I love is that these labels are so durable that I can even put a label on his soccer ball so it doesn’t get lost at practice!! 
I cannot forget Teagan, our Cupcake!  Maybe this design for her when she heads off to school? 
Check out what Kidecals offers their customers. 
Personalized Kids Name Labels:
Jude has a "different" name - not one that is very popular (I know that feeling!) so it is hard to find personalized items for him.  I love that with these great lables we can make anything HIS!  Kidecals are a must for an child in daycare or school.  Label water bottles, clothing, books, toys, sports gear with their favorite animal or color. kidecals are crazy durable...dishwasher, washing machine AND dryer safe, and they don't damage surfaces. Durability is key when you have kids right?!?!
Waterproof Labels:
Sure you could use a permanent marker on all of your kiddos stuff but that does eventually rub off. Kidecals waterproof name labels are super durable and can stick to just about anything.  Even on clothes that go through the washer and dryer!!!  Do you have pool toys that are special to your kiddo? Put a kidecal on them!  They will STICK!!!
Chalkboard Labels that you can write on:
I love chalkboard anything!  So when I saw these labels I was thrilled!!  Not for my kids but for me!  Think about all the organization you could do in a kitchen with these labels?!?!  Chalkboard labels are the easiest way to get organized fast without having to create new printed labels from scratch.
Luggage Tags: 
We travel at least 2 times a year.  Luggage gets lost – yup it happens.  Having tags on your bags are so important!  There are some great Luggage Tags to choose from too.  Love this!!  Also if you put a cute tag on your bag it is MUCH easier to find your bag at baggage claim!!  Easy trick!!  This one is my favorite!!

Discount for you - MY readers!:
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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  I was compensated with a package of kidecal labels to try.  All of these opinions are my own.


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