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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Letter to Jude - Happy Birthday Turtle!

Dearest Jude – Our Turtle,

Today at 10:57am you will be officially 3 years old.  It really doesn’t seem possible that you were born 3 years ago.  How are you already 3?

These last 3 years with you in our lives has been full of fun, new adventures, laughs, tears, tests and most of all love.  You, my little Turtle, have brought us so much joy. 

(1st Birthday)
In the last 3 years we have seen you grow up into such a little man.  You are the kindest 3 year old I know.  Your heart is full of love and you give your heart to anyone that treats you well.  I love that about you.  I’ve been told that 3 is worse than 2 – let’s prove THEM wrong. 
In the last couple of months I have seen you grow up so quickly!  You really aren’t a baby anymore but I know you love when I call you “baby”.  I love seeing your eyes light up when you have fun or see someone you want to play with.  I love your snuggles and hugs and restaurant kisses!

(2 years old!)
3 is going to be exciting – you get to start preschool!  I know you will love it!
In the last 3 years you have taught us so much.  I am so looking forward to what you teach us until you are 4.  
I love you!

(3 years old)
My little Turtle – Happy Birthday!!

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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous boy! Can you believe we have three-year-olds? I sure can't!


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