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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Birthday Week Continues

Jude is officially 3.   Tuesday was the day and we had a day of family fun just for Jude. 
Per the birthday boys request we headed to The Denver Children's Museum.  This is one of Jude's favorite places to visit.  It is a great place for a busy little boy.
His favorite part is the Fire Station Exhibit.  A REAL fire truck to climb on and drive while dressed up like a fireman.  What more could he want? 
Putting out the fire!  Watch Out!!

Another one of his favorite exhibits is the Whole Foods Shopping Experience.  He was giving me some drinks for lunch after he cooked some veggies in the stove.  Too cute!!
After some water play at the museum we headed to lunch.  Jude decided on "Noodles" - AKA - Noodles & Company.  He was exhausted but ate a great Mac N' Cheese lunch. 
After a nap we met the rest of my family at dinner.  Per Jude's request we went to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner.  Not because he loves steak or Texas - but because he wanted to stomp on peanuts and see the grill fire!!  HA!!
He also decided that he wanted to ride the horse and get sung too!  Silly boy!
Next up? Presents!!!
Jude's BIG present from us was bike!  His first real bike!!  Buzz LightYear too!  He was so excited and really did well on peddling. 
So proud and happy!  This 3 year old will be cruzin our street now. 
And to end the day of celebrating?
The traditional Donut Tower Cake!
This kiddo was exhausted after such an exciting and fun day! 
Happy Birthday Jude!!!


  1. Awww, happy birthday little man!

  2. Happy Birthday to him! I love the donut tower cake!

  3. lol that cake/donut tower is awesome!


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