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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We never wanted to Co-Sleep

Our life changed the day we brought Teagan home from the hospital - more than we ever expected.
Jude was a good sleeper {and eater} - Teagan NOT so much.  I love her but come on child! 
From the moment we walked in the house with Jude he slept in HIS bed in HIS room.  Well that room is now Teagan's room as well - which means we feel like we cannot "Cry It Out" with  her because Jude is sleeping. 
Co-sleeping isn't something I like.  I like having our room be our room.  I like getting a full restful nights sleep not worrying about the child sleeping next to me. 
I am {so is Jeremy} at a loss.  We honestly do not know what to do from here.  She is spoiled and still wants and gets at least 10 ounces of milk in the middle of the night!  CHUNK!  And that too we are well aware of her manipulating us for that milk.  She doesn't NEED that in the middle of the night. 
Jude is sleeping great - he goes down at 8:30 and sleeps until at least 6am every night.  Do we chance that and have her wake him up while we sleep train?  Do we chance having not just 1 kid up in the middle of the night but 2?!?! 
She will be 8 months - have we missed our opportunity to get this child to have a good sleeping habit and pattern?
Oh man what I wouldn't do for another bedroom!!!
A plan.  We need a plan but right now I am usless in deciding what is best for our entire family.  Sure we are getting some sleep with the plan we have now but not REAL sleep. 
I need a backbone too - for some reason this little girl has me wrapped around her little finger. 
 I need your advice, your help, your tricks and your stories!!



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  2. I would try putting the two kids in the same room, even if she cries. Our two youngest have always shared a room, and more often than not, #3's cries didn't wake #2.

  3. Oh girl it is not too late, there is still hope! Eyan coslept for 9 months...NINE very LONG months. I loved having him close but hated the fact that I never really slept. When he was nine months I stopped nursing him in the middle of the night and introduced a bottle (obviously wouldn't work in your case) however that small change lead to him sleeping longer because he didnt want the bottle he wanted me. So at that point we finally decided to move him into his room. I never did the CIO well, it lasted about one round before I was giving in, so instead I would rock Eyan to sleep then place him in his crib. When he would wake I would rock him back to sleep. Surprisingly he was waking less in his room then he was with us. Eventually instead of rocking we would give him a bottle for him to fall asleep with. Eventually that turned to a sippy of water, then nothing last year when we began potty training. It will get better, you will succeed.

  4. What if you did something like started taking away the overnight bottle, then once she is STTN move her to their shared room? It shouldn't take too long as long as you are consistent!

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  6. It's definitely not too late! Maybe Jude can have a sleepover for a weekend and sleep train her then? She'll have the basics down!

  7. I rocked, walked, fed, all my kids until they were sound asleep and then put them in their cribs...beds. Even now my 6, 5 and 3 year old get either a bunch of stories or music playing until they are asleep (and the three of them share a room). I know it wasn't the ideal situation, and I should have let them learn to fall asleep on their own, but this way I could ensure I got some semblance of sleep...and I NEED that sleep, lol.
    Good luck!

  8. I'd start by cutting the night time bottle, and then once she is used to that switch her. even if you have to CIO.
    Does she take a paci? i am pretty positive the reason my daughter sttn early was because i would put the paci in her mouth a few times before i would actually get up to feed her.


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