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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fishing Derby 2013 - Colorado Free Fishing Weekend

The city that my parents live in holds an annual Fishing Derby to kick off the summer activities and Jude was old enough to join this year!  

We got up super early on Saturday and braved the cold JUNE 1st Colorado weather and headed to the Derby.  Jude was beyond excited to catch a fish with his Cars fishing pole.  
Daddy and Jude have the fishing pole all set and ready for the Derby to start.  Each kid got the cutest Fishing Derby hat and this kiddo wore it proudly!!  
So it was a little chilly out but Jude learned how to deal with it.  Find a comfy chair and a blanket and be patient and watch his "Bomber" - AKA Bobber. LOL  So cute!
Daddy and Jude waiting for a bite.  

We weren't successful at the Derby but since the whole weekend was a FREE FISHING weekend in Colorado we headed back out to the lake on Sunday in hopes for a bite.  

We chose a new spot and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Crazy how the weather can be so different.  
All set up and calling for his fishy.  He loves his new Derby hat by the way.  
LUCK!!  Jude got a bite and he reeled it in on his own!!!  So big and so proud!!  He couldn't wait to hold his fish!
Jude caught a 7 inch Bass and immediately wanted to hold him and then asked to BAKE him!  
Seriously kid you kill me!  

We had an amazing weekend enjoying the fishing lifestyle.  I know that won't be the last weekend we spend at the local lake with his Cars fishing pole.  

Talk about memories made!  


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