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Monday, June 24, 2013

Teagan is 8 Months

8 Months!
Teagan is very excited to be 8 months old! 
Things I do not want to forget:
~You can now say Da-Da and Ma-Ma!
~You are really great at rolling to get to things you want.
~You love to squawk to make sure we know you are around.
~You are getting better at sleeping in your crib for naps and bed time!
~You are eating 3 baby food meals a day now.  Yummy!
~You adore your brother, you get so excited when you see him.
~You are sitting up like a pro now!
~Just like your brother you love to play "I love your face!"
~Still only 2 teeth.
~Wearing size 2 diapers - probably could wear 3.
~Wearing size 6-9 month clothing.
~Your hair is getting long!  Sometimes it is a puffy mess!
~You are getting more cuddly! 
~Taking a bath in the big tub now! 

Jude always needs to take a monthly picture with her too! 
Too cute!!

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  1. Your children are gorgeous! Sounds like Ethan and Teagan are quite on par with each other. Glad to see that!


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