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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday on the WW: Oh Life!

Life.  Yup I am blaming life for my lack of working out – not for the bad food choices though.  I will own those! 
Weight Watchers is working for me I am just not working Weight Watchers.  For my own sanity right now I am taking a break from weighing in until after our vacation next week.
Life recently has been unbelievably busy and stressful.  That means I go to my bad food choices without the time to work out!!  Eeek!!
I started C25K and I failed to keep up with it last week due to preparing for Father’s Day dinner and Jude’s birthday party.  I am not giving up though.  I am trying to make it a scheduled event in my calendar for my “running time” and I hope that helps.  Now that the big events are over for a while I am hoping that I can focus on me again.  Well at least as much as I can while I prepare for us to hop on a plane next week.  Life never stops I suppose! 
I have it on my calendar to run tonight!  I am doing it!!
So that’s my confession. I am off program!  I know I am.  Right now though I have to step away and not stress more about it. 

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