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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday on the WW: Week 16

Week 16: 16 meetings attended.   

This blog hop is all about Weight Watchers.

Let's help each other on this journey by linking up recipes, successes, tips, photos and WW stories! Rules: Well the rules are easy. Just link! Link your blog posts that are all about Weight Watchers. Easy as pie! There are other ways to follow blogs such as Google+, Networked Blogs, facebook and various other options. I want everyone to link up! Grab the "Wednesday on the WW" button and put it in your blog post! I cannot wait to read all of your stories!!

Weight Update:
I gained this week - only .8 pounds but still a gain.  I am bummed yet not surprised with the crazy week I had and I am prepared for yet another crazy week coming up.
I did hit my 16 weeks on #weightwatchers.  I am proud of my 16 week charm and cannot wait to finally get that 10% keychain!!  SOON!! 
Goal Update:
I did track this week.  And I am going to track this week as well.  I completed my first week of C25K too!  I have yet to start week 2 and I am afraid I won't until after Jude's birthday party on Saturday.  Bummed.  Work, life and a birthday party are taking up much of my time.  Hate weeks like this.  I am not giving up though!!
This weeks Goal:
Tracking!  And get at least 1 day of c25k done before Sunday!!  Oh and have a great time celebrating my little man turning 3!!
C25k Update:
Week ONE complete!!  BOOM!!!
Week Two - haven't started.  Hoping to get at least one run in this week.
How did you do this week?

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  1. I had a set back as well with Owen's party, gained a few lbs. but have lost them all and am back on track. Stick with it!! It's about the process, not about the scale ;)

  2. My hubs & I are doing the C25K app feels really good to be getting out and moving to the next day on the app is very motivating...keep on running!!


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