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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Denver Firefighters Museum

Last Saturday we decided to take a trip to The Denver FireFighers Museum in Downtown Denver. 
Jeremy and I had heard of this museum but neither of us had visited before.  Since Jude is mildly obsessed with all things Fire Truck we thought this would be a fun weekend activity for our family. 
"The Denver Firefighters Museum is a non-profit dedicated to preserving the history of firefighting in Denver. If the heart of a great museum is its subject, then the Denver Firefighters Museum is truly one of the greatest in the world! The Museum offers not only outstanding exhibits on the history of firefighting in Denver focusing on the Denver Fire Department, but innovative and exciting hands-on activities that allow visitors to interact with the traditional exhibits. From groundbreaking state-of-the-art gallery space to engaging programs and special events, there is always something new to explore." {Source – Denver Firefighters Museum website}
Time to share our visit with you.
 Jude loved dressing up and playing on the FireTruck.  He wore that fire jacket the whole time we were exploring the Museum. 

 The history behind these trucks and uniforms in the museum are fasinating.  The history didn't grab Jude's attention but it sure kept me interested.  He did find it pretty cool that a long time ago before there were fire trucks the horses did all the work to get to the fires. 
Walking in Denver's Historic Fire Department was really interesting for Jeremy and me.  The upstairs showed the lockers and sleeping quarters.  What a life!  I really appricated not only the history of this place but also the educational piece of Fire Safety. 
 He wanted Daddy to try on the masks too. 
Jude - our little Fire Man. 

Jude on his Fire Truck.  Ready to jump inside for a ride and a talk on the walkie talkie. 

This museum is very educational for kids too.  At this station Jude learned how to dial 9-1-1.  It explained why he would call that number too.  Also there was a practice area for STOP - DROP - ROLL!  We made him try it. 

 Jude and Daddy got to try to put out the fires and see how heavy some of the fire equipment is too.  Very hands on - great for active kids like Jude.
Jude learning how to use the fireman's pole.  He wasn't too sure about this. 
Notice the great looking water pump truck in the background!

 We even found a place for Teagan to enjoy some time exploring Fire Trucks - in book form! 
Our cutie and her hat. 
Review:  This place is great!  I think in the next couple of years Jude will really grow to like this museum because of the exhibits they offer.  I know that we will be back.  I would recommend this trip if you are visiting Denver or if you live in Denver.  Great for ages 2-12.  Adults will love the history too! 
Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored review.  Simply showing off our fun trip to the Denver Firefighters Museum.  


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