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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jude's 3 Year Stats and Pictures

Oh my gosh I'm 3!!!!
That's right folks.  This heart-breaker is 3 years old.  
Time to share his yearly stats and accomplishments.  

3 Years Old
Weight:  39.1 pounds
Height:  40 inches
Jude is a healthy 3 year old little boy.  


We are told almost daily how advanced his speaking his, believe me we know!  This kid talks so much and the things he comes up with...we are at a loss some days.

If Jude is moving he is happy.  If he isn't moving he is a crabby Turtle or asleep.  He really has one speed and that is running.  

He is wearing 3T clothes most days but we are starting to buy 4T just to get more use out of the clothes.

He is starting preschool in the fall!!  EEEK!!

He is still trying to get this Big Boy Potty thing down.  Something we struggle with daily.  

He adores his little sister Teagan.  Plays with her, checks on her and helps us with her a lot.  Such a caring and sweet boy. 

Jude loves fruit.  He could eat an entire container of blueberries and raspberries in one sitting if we let him. 

Jude's favorites:  his Winnie the Pooh Bear stuffed animal, his Winnie the Pooh Bear blankie, Buzz Light Year, Word World and Super Why, and his binoculars.  

Jude's activities:  playing outside; sidewalk chalk, bubbles, bikes, baseball, slides, sandbox.  Playdough is a new favorite this year too.  Wrestling with Daddy.  Going to the playground.  Playing Soccer and going to Tumbling.  

Jude is a pretty special boy.  Our world would be very boring with out him around.
Happy 3 years Turtle!! 



  1. He and Owen are almost exactly the same size!

  2. Love these pics! Preschool for our boys...crazy!

  3. Such adorable photos of that adorable boy!

  4. OMG I love that shirt! My son's name is Jude as well. Let me know if you want to sell anything with his name on it!! adeweese22@hotmail.com


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