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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kazimierz World Wine Bar Scottsdale Arizona

Once upon a time 4 friends on a date night in Scottsdale, Arizona walked around a cute little shop area in search of WINE, in the 110 degree weather in July.  Wine wasn’t the only thing these friends found that once-in-a-lifetime night they had.  The wine was harder to find than we ever expected but once we found that big wooden door to another world named Kazimierz our eyes were opened to Christmas.  Yes Christmas in July.  Christmas trees, Santa hats, servers who were elves and peppermint divinity and pumpkin pie.  Oh and WINE!
The moment that hidden wooden door was found, these friends entered another world.  The world of KazBar a Scottsdale unknown, yet well-known speakeasy. It’s like we entered another dimension.  Was this really happening?  Are we really experiencing this?  What the hell have we walked into?  Oh it was real and it was perfect.
Every time we visit Arizona we make sure to meet up with our good friends Aynsley and Kody.  It was a great evening but made even better when we accidentally stumbled across this hidden gem – literally hidden.  Walk around the back and into an alley; it might be a little scary but totally worth finding that big wooden door.  Once we entered the dark cave like bar we were greeted by Christmas.  We just happened to be visiting during their Christmas in July celebration.  Pretty ironic considering it was about 110 degrees that day. 
The wine was fabulous, as well as the service.  Our waitress was perky and fun – and dressed like an elf.  She gave us great choices of wines and all of us were pleased with her choices. Yum!  The DJ in the corner made the evening – graciously played “Pour Some Sugar On Me” just for Aynsley and me.  Yup Def Leopard in a Wine Bar.  Sounds lovely right?  Not done yet.  We decided to splurge and order some Chocolate Fondue for the table.  We were enjoying the delicious fruit and chocolate when we all discovered some other goodies on the fondue plate!  Peppermint Divinity, Pumpkin Pie, and Ginger Bread!  How perfect with Chocolate Fondue.
We do not go out often, especially without kids, and I must say this was a great get-a-way and perfect date night for us.  If you are ever in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area this is a must visit!  I hope you can find that wooden door to a Kazimierz World.
Thank you to our besties Kody and Aynsley for a memorable evening out.     
Disclosure: this is NOT a paid post, simply telling you to find the Wooden Door.  You will fall in love at the KazBar.      



  1. It sounds like you had a blast. However, I had to read the beginning three times because I couldn't figure out why there was a Christmas tree. ;)


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