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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Make time for Rollie Pollie Bugs

I recently read a fantastic article called “The Day I Stopped Saying Hurry Up.”  After reading this I started to think about our daily life in our home.  I think we are a pretty average and normal United States family.  Young children, working husband and working wife.  Typical I suppose.  I would admit that our daily lives are pretty packed and full – not a bad thing all the time, mostly packed full of fun and blessings.  When we are getting ready for said blessings I do feel myself running out of time to look down at those rollie pollie bugs that Jude adores or pretend we are riding a horse to the car.
Have you read this article?  What things do you think you are missing in your daily life? 
I know I am missing special moments that my son sees as monumental.  Time to chill out and start looking at the world from a child’s eye.  Time to remember why I love being a parent.  Time to decide to be a part of every moment I have with my children.  Time to teach my children character traits of kindness, patience, and imagination. 
Every morning we are running late, Jude hears us say to him “hurry buddy we are late, let’s move to the car!” “No you don’t need to play with that stick” “Come on Jude use your ears, get in the car!”  As a working mom I need to remember that before I clock into work I am mom.  I am Jude and Teagan’s Mommy, which means until the moment I am on the clock I should be in their world – not the work world. 
I vow to myself, Jude, Teagan and OUR FAMILY that I will stop rushing around and start figuring out why we do not have time to stop and look at those rollie pollies in the morning.  Maybe going to bed earlier, maybe setting the alarm for 15 minutes earlier, maybe setting a time for Jude to explore?  Something needs to change.  I do not want my child to feel like his Mommy is bullying him to get to the car on time in the morning.  That is not how I want my child brought up!  I am guilty but now I am changing.  I cannot lie, this will be a struggle for me – I do not like being late.  I will need to gather my patience in order to follow through with this.  Mostly I want to be able to remind myself that these little creatures living in our home are learning and growing every day.  The slowness that I see in Jude is simply him wanting to grasp onto every memory or new thing he can see in our home or outside the home.  These creatures also grow up way too quickly to dwell on being 5 minutes late to work.  I am so appreciative of this article for opening my eyes to my problem.
In what ways do you make the word HURRY not a part of your daily vocabulary with your children?   


  1. Rex hears is a lot when we are trying to walk out the door but it's mostly because we love hanging out in the morning and cuddling and taking our time that when it's finally time to leave to go wherever it's hurry Rex, stop playing with your shoe, get to the door or I'm leaving without you (which I'd never do but he thinks it's funny that I say that). The days that we have a very important morning appointment I'm much better on time management but when it's a playdate or library trip I'm not so eager to rush until it's actually time to leave. I don't think I could handle the working mom life and trying to get out the door every day on time to be somewhere. I don't have the patience for that.

  2. I am so guilty of "hurry hurry!" thanks for sharing this, it's important to just slow down and enjoy the little details of life!


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