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Monday, July 8, 2013

"Spring Cleaning" in the Heat of Summer

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Let’s take a moment to be real with each other…Money sucks, Money brings problems, Money is tight.  
I am pretty sure that the statement above is true for MOST families right now.  I know for us every day we are very careful of where our money goes.  Since Jeremy’s surgery our medical bills really skyrocketed and we were faced with thousands of dollars of debt.  It was heartbreaking. 
Now we are focused on purging and “Spring Cleaning” though not in the spring.  When I started thinking about where to start in my purging I immediately looked in the corner of our TV room and saw a huge stack of CDs, DVDs, and Video Games that Jeremy and I hadn’t touched in over 5 years.  I also saw all the wasted money that sat in that corner.  How sad that we bought so many items that we never use! I did some research and found an easy online tool to sell your unwanted items.  When I first went to Jeremy and told him my idea of selling his CDs and Video Games online he was NOT happy but when I showed him the musicMagpie website he decided that it was worth a try.  I think what really made us decide to jump on this was the fact that we hadn’t touched these items in so long. 
Something that I really like to focus on now that I am in the “Spring Cleaning” mode is a timeline.  If I have clothes that I haven’t worn for over one year I decide to move those items to a donate pile.  I have the same rule for household goods as well.  Don’t forget to get your tax receipt if donating to a Tax Deductible agency – you will see some return in your decluttering after the first of the year!  I have a new rule with selling DVDs, Video Games and CDS now, sell if you haven’t used or watched with in the last 6 months!  With musicmagpie I can easily go through our TV cabinet and find DVDs that haven’t been watched, CDs that haven’t been played and Video Games that haven’t even been opened that will put money back in our pockets!  Not to mention clean up our TV room!! 
Next on my list after I tackle the next stack of CDs…baby items!!  I have already had some luck on Craigslist with Infant Items selling pretty quickly!  I like this!  No more garage sale mornings and crappy turn outs to sell our stuff.  With Craigslist, Ebay, and musicmagpie we are moving towards a better living area one CD/DVD/Video Game at a time.

Have you used any online selling tool for your “Spring Cleaning”?   


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