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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Phat Vegan: But where do you get protein?

But where do you get protein?

So let me start off by saying my name is Lauren and you can find me over at thePhatvegan. It is a VERY new blog and I am still finding my footing. I did (in the past) more of a family style blog but was very motivated by my new vegan lifestyle and wanted to try something new. So, if you want more of a back story check out the blog but, for now, I am guest posting for my amazing friend Censie!
The most common misconception (in my opinion) is that by not eating meat I do not get any protein. So let me throw some facts at you. Did you know that research has shown a direct connection to the amount of meat a person eats and the likely hood they will have heart disease? Did you know our country eats over twice as much meat today as we did in the 50’s? Did you know that by cooking meat you actually lose protein? Did you know that even animals that the government labels free range are still (in many cases) grossly mistreated?
 So, where do I get protein? My go to list: lentils, nuts, beans, and legumes y’all. Actually, some of these even have MORE protein than meat and do not raise your risk of heart disease or put you at risk for mad cow, bacteria, or salmonella. These things are cheaper, can be grown at your own home in the window sill in pots, can be bought in bulk at the grocery store and you can find ones that are properly labeled as nonGMO and organic.
I know that people look to chicken or beef as a cheap source of food to bulk up their typical dinner. I know that for years I did the same thing. I had to start somewhere and by even cutting out meat from your meals twice a week you are doing your body and the environment a huge favor. You are taking control of a situation that is growing rapidly out of control. Meat production uses more fuel for transportation than cars, it burns more toxic chemicals and puts that directly into our air, and it takes more water for cows and the feed for cows than it does to grow the lentils, nuts, beans, etc.
I am certainly not trying to force feed anyone a lifestyle they are not ready for or are not interested in, but just take a chance. Try something new. You might find things you really like. I make lentil chili, homemade veggie burgers, my own refried beans, and even my own trail mix and granola bars. At first, it took a lot of time. But now, now it is second nature. Just something I do when prepping meals for the week. I feel better. I have lost weight. My skin is better. My mind is clearer.
Good luck trying new things and feel free to let me know how it goes! I will be posting food tips and tricks, my go to products, and hosting giveaways. Good luck and enjoy y’all.
Thanks for guesting Lauren!  Make sure you all follow her growing blog and facebook page!

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