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Friday, July 26, 2013

Vintage Baby! Teagan's 9 Month Photo Shoot

Our Vintage Baby Girl. 
I bought this Romper when she was still in my tummy and decided it would be perfect for a photoshoot.  I had no idea that my idea would go this far! 
We are absolutely in love with these pictures.  Once again we went to the local Target Photo Studio and were happy with the results.  Our favorite photographer left Target so we were worried but the woman who took these did fantastic!
Yay for Target having the props of suitcases!!  NICE!

She really wanted to eat those pearls!!

Baby in a suit case!!

My precious girl.  I love her!

Being 9 months is so fun!



  1. So precious! I had a dream of buying a lace petti romper or two if Ethan would have been a girl!

  2. I deleted the Facebook group I had a while back & I couldn't remember your blog link but I happened to stumble upon it. I see your family has grown since the last time I've checked. Congrats - your baby girl is precious! :)


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